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What is a Maltichon?

Maltichon is a cross between Maltese and Bichon. This little dog is almost certainly white, curly and fun! In fact, maltichon’s parents have so much in common that their offspring are very predictable. But they do differ in size and health.

Brief introduction to maltichon

Maltese and Bichon have been cherished for centuries. Their small body, pure white fur and extraordinary charm make them the first choice for many people from ancient Greeks to modern celebrities. It’s not surprising that the combination of these two lovely varieties will become popular as well! This mixture is called Maltichon dog. Does this little hairy maltichon suit you?

The history of Maltese dog

The origin of the Maltese dog can be traced back to 1500 BC. The Mediterranean island of Maltese was a gateway for the Empire to exchange goods, including the popular lapdog. Maltese dog is a feature of ancient Greek art and Roman noble fashion manifesto. In Roman writings, this breed symbolizes loyalty. In the dark ages, Asian breeders kept the breed alive. It hybridized with Oriental varieties and was refined into the Maltese variety as we know it today.

History of Bichon

Like the Maltese, beagles have been bartered throughout the Mediterranean for thousands of years. In the 13th century, European nobles began to be infatuated with this species, which led it to become a royal partner. Many famous noble paintings are characterized by this variety.
By the end of the 18th century, with the decline of the aristocracy, this breed lost its noble status and finally went to the streets. Street performers take advantage of the agility and cleverness of stray dogs, which makes Beagle a popular circus behavior. The Bichon breed barely survived at the turn of the 20th century. A few French breeders kept the breed alive. Since it was officially recognized in 1964, Beagle has won the championship in dog shows all over the world.

History of maltichon

Like many hybrids, the official history of the breed is not well documented.
It is suspected that in the past two or three decades, breeders have begun to deliberately mix Maltese and Bichon.

Interesting facts about maltichon

Maltese dog breeds have many famous owners, including Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis Presley. Barbara Streisand is known for her Maltese and Bichon. Maltichons has not yet reached the status of celebrities, but their petite and elite qualities are likely to attract the attention of some first-line stars! Buy a maltichon.


The look of maltichon

Maltichon cattle and beagle are very similar in appearance, and the two breeds are perfectly integrated. A Maltese dog is bigger than the largest Maltese dog, but about 8 to 13 pounds smaller than the largest male. However, it will not exceed the height of the bear, so it will be less than 11.5 inches. Both parents of maltichon are pure white, sometimes with slight shadows on the ears or other parts of the body. A maltichon puppy must be white, too. It will have a black nose. Maltichon has a long, flat, silky coat. Bibear chips have a soft and rough, curly fur that gives it an overall velvet, plush texture double coat. Maltichon’s fur may be more like one of the parents, so it may be silky, fluffy, or both. That is to say, both parents of maltichon are non shedding varieties, so they are considered to have almost hypoallergenic fur quality. This means that Maltese than bear French fries mixed dogs can like one parent more than the other when it comes to hair types, but in any case their fur should be white and low shedding. Do you know that maltichon is hypoallergenic? When a dog needs more effort to cultivate it, it needs more effort. Do you want to know what Maltichon full grown look like? You can click here for more information about maltichon dog.