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What is a lhasa terrier?

What is a Lhasa Terrier? Lhasa dog was considered as Terrier at the beginning, so it was called it Lhasa terrier.

Is Lhasa Terrier a good family dog?

For families with children under the age of 12, we do not recommend raising a Lhasa terrier. Lhasa Terrier is a good breed for adults and the elderly, but its temperament and personality, as well as their small size, are not suitable for mixed breeding with young children. Lhasa Terrier simply does not tolerate rough or immature handling and may instinctively bite if trampled or stimulated by rough play. There are too many stories to explain why this Lhasa Terrier is not the right dog breed if you have children in your family.


Lhasa Terrier is a good watchdog

Lhasa Terrier is very loyal to the people around them, but very cautious to strangers, which is why Lhasa Terrier can be such an effective watchdog. Lhasa Terrier can also be very stubborn and prone to puppy syndrome. In this case, dogs seem to think they are alpha dogs and humans should listen to them.
They tend to be impatient, anxious and act. However, these are not the traditional characteristics of Lhasa terrier. Lhasa terrier’s dog syndrome is caused by human beings and is the cause of the owner’s irresponsibility. As we all know, Lhasa Terrier is not only a guard dog, but also a companion dog. Lhasa Terrier sometimes acts rashly to strangers. If they are not properly guided when to make such a sound, their sharp alarm may become a kind of trouble. Lhasa Terrier is also known as “easy breeder”. Too much food or not enough exercise can easily lead to obesity. They are unfair with other dogs and the best with human companies, and sometimes almost stupid. From an early age, they should interact with other dogs, pets and humans. Lhasa Terrier is about 10 to 11 inches tall, with some slight variations. They usually weigh between 11 and 18 pounds. The female Lhasa Terrier is usually smaller than the male. Lhasa Terrier is short, muscular and has long flowing hair. All about the appearance of this breed indicates that it is a coyote. This may surprise some, but Lhasa terrier and their owners often like to compete in obedience, agility and Solidarity – so they can be trained! If you are training or competing with your Lhasa terrier in a similar event, be sure to take that into account.

Lhasa Terrier is very adaptable

If you train and raise your Lhasa Terrier correctly, Lhasa Terrier is lovely, friendly, sweet, and has a totally different personality to those who are not properly raised. Lhasa people are also very adaptable and can live almost anywhere; however, they are very suitable for urban life and apartment life because they don’t need too much exercise. This also makes Lhasa Terrier good for less active families. This breed responds well to motivational training, and because they tend to be more stubborn, it’s a good idea to start training early. Buy a Lhasa Apso.

Is Lhasa Terrier suitable for you?


Generally speaking, Lhasa Terrier is a very lovely and friendly dog. After proper care and training, it is not only a pet, but also a best friend. If you are looking for a similar breed that may be more suitable for your family, you can always check for a similar breed. Lhasa Terrier is a very popular variety in the display ring. Lhasa Terrier is famous for its long flowing mane, which is separated from the head to the tail and from the middle. Lhasa terrier’s exuberant and solemn leaps often show their imperial style. Lhasa Terrier is always active and energetic. When faced with constant challenges, Lhasa Terrier will thrive, such as agile dog training. For a happy and healthy Lhasa, it is suggested that the dog owner should always (if possible) take his Lhasa Terrier for a walk every day, so that the dog can have enough time for good exercise indoors.