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What is a kazar Borzoi?

What is a kazar Borzoi? Kazar Borzoi is now a rather rare breed (according to the American dog club, kazar Borzoi is the 93rd most popular dog in the United States), but at the beginning of the 20th century, kazar Borzoi was briefly used as a status symbol in the United States. Kazar Borzoi’s distinctive appearance perfectly matches the decorative art aesthetics of this decade. Silent movie stars like Jean Harlow and Sarah Bernhardt can see a mix of elegant, long legged dogs. (they are even on vogue and other fashion magazines.) But it’s not just a bunch of actresses with these dogs.


Kazar Borzoi’s temperament

According to a study of the behavioral characteristics of dogs, kazar Borzoi dogs scored lower in terms of excessive barking, demanding love, aggression against children and destructiveness.
The same study showed that the breed with high scores was more likely to enter the room and less playful and excitable. Another study based on a questionnaire answered by the host showed that kazar Borzoi scored low in aggression and fear, but it was difficult to train.

Because kazar Borzoi was originally bred for speed and hunting, it is likely that kazar Borzoi would chase small animals such as squirrels and rabbits. Once kazar Borzoi sees the prey and catches up with it, he’s focused. They don’t stop to check cars or other obstacles!

Kazar Borzoi has the instinct to chase

The pursuit instinct of kazar Borzoi can also be extended to other family pets. Although if they were introduced at an early age, kazar Borzoi could get on well with other animals. The predation desire of male was lower than that of female. So if you have other small pets at home, it may be worth considering. Although kazar Borzoi has a high motivation to chase, he is usually a very gentle and quiet dog. At home, he is a couch potato! But they also have a stubborn, independent streak that makes training essential, but sometimes tricky.

Kazar Borzoi needs moderate exercise

You need to be ready to be active with kazar Borzoi. Kazar Borzoi needs to run and play. It helps if you have a big, fenced area where dogs can run around and play. Moderate exercise is essential to the health of kazar Borzoi. There is a lot of muscle under the thick fur, and in order to stay healthy, your dog needs to do enough daily activities. In addition to running outside, you have to take your kazar Borzoi out for a walk, jog or run every day. Your dog will like to run with you, or run with you when you ride a bike. The dog park is another good choice for kazar Borzoi, so it can be satisfied to play with other dogs. You need to make sure your kazar Borzoi is always tied when you are outside a fenced area. This breed likes to chase and hunt, so be sure to pay attention to your dog if you let kazar Borzoi wear a belt. Buy a Borzoi.


Food and dietary requirements of kazar Borzoi

For a dog the size of kazar Borzoi, he has no appetite to match. That’s because of his thin figure, which makes him have a low tendency to gain weight. It’s important to give your dog a meal that suits his size. These dogs mature more slowly than small breeds. As a result, their dietary calorie density was higher than that of Yorkshire terriers, for example. In addition, we suggest giving your kazar Borzoi a healthy diet to suit his life stage. Puppies have more nutritious food to support their early development. You can serve your kazar Borzoi three meals a day first. Once he’s grown up, you can reduce kazar Borzoi’s meals to two. As soon as you put down the bowl, encourage your kazar Borzoi to eat.