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What is a European Borzoi?

What is a European Borzoi? European Borzoi is a kind of hound developed in Russia. The hounds hunt rabbits, foxes and wolves in groups of three. They later became popular partners for royalty across the continent.


Do you want a European Borzoi?

Although European Borzoi is purebred dogs, you may find them in the care of a shelter or rescue team. If this is the right breed for you, you can consider adoption.

European Borzoi is a family dog

European Borzoi is a leisurely family dog that, despite its large size, can even adapt to apartment life. However, if they are alone for a long time in the daytime, they are not very good. This sensitive breed needs a mate. Their beautiful coats also fall off a lot and need some maintenance for your part. You’ll get a good couch potato partner with European Borzoi, but you still need to put in some effort to meet the variety needs.

The history of European Borzoi

European Borzoi is the offspring of working dogs of people who immigrated to Russia from Central Asian countries before the 17th century. Since ancient times, the Russian system of naming their illusions has been a series of descriptive terms rather than actual names. Borz ó I is the male singular form of an adjective in ancient Russian, which means “Kuai”. Borz á Ya sob á Ka (“fast dog”) is the basic term used by Russians for sighthounds, although sob á Ka is usually discarded. The name psovaya comes from the word psovina, which means “wavy, silky fur,” just as hortaya (in hortaya borzaya) means short hair. In modern Russian, the variety commonly known as European Borzoi is officially known as Russkaya psovaya borzaya. Other Russian blind breeds are stepnaya borzaya (from the prairie), called stepnoi, and krimskaya borzaya (from Crimea), called krimskoi. The most commonly used plural form is the regular form European Borzois, which is the only plural form quoted in most dictionaries. However, European Borzoi clubs in the United States and the United Kingdom both like the singular and plural forms of European Borzoi.


European Borzoi temperament

European Borzoi can be spirited, loyal and dedicated. They need to interact with other animals and people as soon as possible. Adult European Borzoi is usually quiet and rarely barks. This breed is very smart and highly sensitive. They are not good at severe treatment or punishment. Although European Borzoi is a large variety, if you exercise every day, it can adapt to the narrow living space. This breed has enough endurance to perform well in colder climates.  Buy a Borzoi.

The shape of European Borzoi

European Borzoi, which usually associates with dogs of other sizes, is a deadly animal that pursues any running animal, including cats and dogs. Once known as the Russian wolfhound, this breed can easily send out almost any smaller animal.
Like all hallucinators, European Borzoi is independent and unwilling to follow blindly. Although usually sweet and docile, this variety can be touch sensitive and may react to lightning reflex if caught accidentally or surprised. This is a breed that cannot be taken lightly or teased.