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What is a chilier puppy look like?

What is a Chilier puppy look like? Chilier puppy has a good reputation. Chilier puppy is a very family oriented dog. Moreover, Chilier puppy likes people around and will bond with your family members very quickly. Chilier puppy is also relatively leisurely and calm. Because of their small size, Chilier puppys can usually adapt to living in apartments, although they definitely prefer a safe and fenced outdoor space. If you want to adopt a Chilier pupy, just pay attention that they usually have a very strong independence, the Chihuahua side of the Chilier pupy, which will make the dog more difficult to train than usual.


The size of Chilier puppy

Chilier puppy is a little dog. Just like a new breed of dog, the exact size standard may vary. Most Chilier puppies weigh between 6 and 12 pounds and stand between 8 and 12 inches. The female chillier pupy was sometimes significantly smaller than the male pepper.

The personality of Chilier puppy

In general, Chilier puppy is a super friendly and very human oriented dog. This sweet half breed is almost always proved to be full of love and affection for human beings in life. Chilier puppy likes to be regarded as a real part of the family. When relaxing, Chilier puppy likes to rest and cuddle on the sofa. You just have to remember that Chilier puppy is a very smart dog. Interactive smart toys are a must to keep pepper mentally stimulating and satisfying.

Chilier puppy is lively

Similarly, although Chilier puppy doesn’t take the longest time to exercise, the meeting should be optimistic and lively. It should also be noted that since the tradition of chili putty is being blended, chili putty can sometimes prove to have a strong and stubborn streak. Chilier puppy may even show aggression when surrounding other animals. Chilier is definitely a hybrid dog breed that benefits from living in a man with a strong dog training experience.

Chilier puppy’s attitude towards children


Because chili puppy is very naughty, chili puppy likes to be with children and the attention they get. However, if you have children, you must monitor their interaction with the dog. The child is unpredictable, sometimes an overbearing Chilier puppy, inheriting the stubborn characteristics of his mother.

Chilier puppy’s attitude towards strangers

If your new Chilier inherits his Spaniel father’s genes, he will be friendly with strangers and will welcome regular visitors by wagging his tail. If Chilier puppy looks like his mother, Chilier puppy will be more cautious in front of strangers and will not threaten them, but he will not fully welcome them until they are used to strange faces. Buy a Chilier.

Chilier puppy is not a good watchdog

As you can almost guess, Chilier puppy is not a good watchdog. No matter their attitude or their figure, they do not meet their requirements. Because Chilier puppy is a friendly and outgoing breed, they don’t make good watchdog. Chilier puppy is very personal and gets on well with everyone, even strangers. If an intruder appears, Chilier puppy is more likely to be his friend than to warn you of the danger. Chilier puppy shows extraordinary feelings and love for the host, enjoying nothing more than a leisurely embrace with people. When chili people are seen as part of the family, chili putty thrives because they like to be noticed. If it doesn’t get enough attention, Chilier puppy may be a bit stubborn or even aggressive.