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What is a canaan dog mix?

What is a Canaan dog mix? Dogs were a basic part of the ancient Middle East community, where they were used to graze and guard sheep, which were human wealth. It is called kelef Kanani, Canaan dog mix, which means Canaan dog mix in Hebrew. These primitive Canaan dog mix have survived for thousands of years, and they still retain the characteristics of allowing them to live in harsh desert conditions.

Today’s Canaan dog mix has the same smooth fur, sharp ears and thick tail as his ancestors. Undoubtedly, the same alertness, alertness and curiosity make him a respected shepherd dog. This agile dog can change direction quickly, move forward quickly, and cover the ground faster than you think.

The origin of Canaan dog mix

Almost unchanged since biblical times, Canaan dog mix is one of the oldest. As early as 4000 years ago, he cooperated with the shepherds in the Middle East. With the development of the Roman Empire, Canaan dog mix was demoted as a pariah, and only recently returned to family life. Canaan dog mix has lived in the desert of Israel with wisdom for about 2000 years, showing a high degree of wisdom, hunting instinct, territorial behavior and vigilance to strangers. Although Canaan dog mix may have been used to vast open space in the past, its adaptability is also very strong, even in the most dense urban or remote rural environment. Canaan dog mix is a kind of protective breed, which is usually very good for children. Although Canaan dog mix is not suitable for novices, because it is a real original breed, if Canaan dog mix feels people’s uncertainty or lack of confidence, it will continue to push it to occupy a dominant position in the family.

What is Canaan dog mix like?

Canaan dog mix is adaptable, emotional and easy to train. Canaan dog mix will be very happy in his apartment in the city and can walk a short way to consume his energy, but he is also happy in the suburbs and the countryside. Canaan dog mix is very loyal to his family, which makes him a natural watchdog. Canaan dog mix is not aggressive to the children at home, but when one child plays with another child, their voice is too loud, and he may get some protection. It’s the same with strangers, but it can be helped by early training.
The training of Canaan dog mix should start immediately. Fortunately, this breed is easy to train. For Canaan dog mix, early socialization is also crucial for them to adapt to other animals and people. They are an independent breed, so keep training courses short, sweet, but also fun, because they tend to get tired of doing the same thing over and over again. Buy a Canaan Dog.

Nursing needs of Canaan dog mix


Although Canaan dog mix has a double coat, it’s very easy for him to dress up. There’s almost no need to brush your teeth. It is recommended to brush his coat once a week with a rubber brush to remove dead hair. In addition to its pleasing appearance and elegant movements, Canaan dog mix also has a pleasant and responsive personality. Although his tradition of living in the desert gives him a certain degree of independence, a properly socialized Canaan dog mix loves his family and can adapt to many living environments. For Canaan dog mix, living in an apartment that walks several times a day is like living in a suburban house with a yard and three noisy children. Although Canaan dog mix is active, its energy level is not excessive. And the territorial nature of Canaan dog mix makes him unlikely to be far away from home, although, like any dog, Canaan dog mix should be protected from traffic and other dangerous fences.