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What is a Borzoi wolfhound?

What is a Borzoi wolfhound? For hundreds of years, Borzoi wolfhound, raised by Russian nobles, is believed to have developed from the early Russian Bear Hound, Tatar hound and otchard, a tall sheepdog.


Hunting scenes of Borzoi wolfhound

The hunting scenes of the nobles were quite spectacular. They may include more than 100 Borzoi wolfhounds, one female, two males and three people, as well as an equal number of foxhounds, which are used to find and wash prey. When they saw the wolf, the hunters released their dog to catch, pin and catch it. The hunters tied up the wolf ceremoniously and blocked his mouth. Sometimes they would set it free and go hunting another day. Until 1861, when the serfs were liberated and the nobles could no longer rely on unlimited labor, these luxurious hunting and exploration activities were common.

The development of Borzoi wolfhound

By 1873, Borzoi wolfhound was running out, which shocked those who appreciated the beauty and speed of the breed. Russian Borzoi wolfhound enthusiasts created the imperial society to protect and promote the characteristics of Borzoi wolfhound, while many Borzoi wolfhounds in the United States can be traced back to the dogs in the dog farms of members of the imperial society. Members of the association include the uncle of Czar Nicholas II, Archduke Nicholas, and the rich landlord, altem bordarev. Sadly, this connection with the nobility is fatal. After the Russian Revolution in 1918, many Borzoi wolfhounds were slaughtered. This species is preserved only because many of them are given as gifts to royal family members in other countries, including Queen Victoria and Princess Alexandra of Wales, or imported by people interested in this species.

Borzoi wolfhound’s temperament


Borzoi wolfhound is a cool and gentle dog breed by definition. They are easygoing and patient from beginning to end. This breed can also be a good family dog. Borzoi wolfhound is incredibly affectionate and caring. It’s with their gentle nature that makes them a good breed of dog around the kids. In addition, Borzoi wolfhound is known for its loyalty, which is a feature worshipped by many dog owners. These Borzoi wolfhounds are happy and lovely dogs. Borzoi wolfhound is also known for his comic and playful character. Buy a Borzoi.
Borzoi wolfhound’s health and condition. In general, Borzoi wolfhound is a relatively healthy dog. Surprisingly, elbow and hip dysplasia is not a big problem for a dog of Borzoi wolfhound’s size. He does have other equally worrying problems. The low prevalence of this variety makes some varieties under control. We also believe that Borzoi wolfhound’s imperial background is another factor in maintaining the integrity of this noble dog.