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What is a Borzoi puppy look like?

What is a Borzoi puppy look like? If you are interested in Russian history, you may be particularly interested in the Borzoi puppy variety. Russian nobles began to breed Borzoi puppies as early as 1650. There, the nobles used these beautiful dogs as hunters.


The orgin of Borzoi puppy

After the Russian Revolution, the popularity of this breed declined. However, they first came to the United States in the late 1890s, and Americans fell in love with them. Borzoi puppy was originally bred for wild hunting in more or less open terrain, relying on vision rather than smell. In order to achieve this goal, the Borzoi puppy needs special structural qualities to chase, capture and control its prey. Special emphasis is placed on sound running gear, strong neck and chin, courage and agility, combined with appropriate conditions. Borzoi puppy should always have impeccable elegance, smooth lines, elegant movement or rest. Male, masculine but not rough; female, feminine but not rough and delicate. With their slender bodies and strong physique, people just need to look at Borzoi puppy to know that it is made for speed. These dogs have long fur and Roman nose, like a greyhound. In 1936, the name of this breed was changed to Borzoi puppy (meaning “quick”), but they used to be called Russian Borzoi puppy because of their history of hunting fast-moving prey like wolves, rabbits and foxes in Russia. Borzoi puppy originated in the period of Russian Romanov, they hunt in groups. They almost died out together with the Romanov family, but believers realized how special Borzoi puppy was and continued to breed them, even shipping them overseas to the United States and other places.

The general appearance of Borzoi puppy

Since Borzoi puppies were originally bred in open terrain and used for hunting in the wild, they rely on vision rather than smell. The physical structure and characteristics of the species reflect the need to chase, capture and control prey. The primary focus is on the sound running gear of the animal in a good condition, accompanied by agility and courage and a strong neck and chin. Borzoi puppy always has irrefutable elegance and smooth lines, which are elegant both in motion and at rest. Men are men, not vulgar; women are women, but elegant. Any deviation from the following standards should be punished according to the degree of deviation from the ideal.

Is a Borzoi puppy good for children?

Borzoi puppy is a very sensitive variety, which can not adapt to the spontaneous carelessness of young children. They are the best when they grow up with young children, or when they are placed in a house with older children who know how to treat dogs properly. As with any breed, it is recommended that your child be supervised at all times when interacting with Borzoi puppy to ensure the safety of the child and the dog.


Is a Borzoi puppy good for cats?

Borzoi puppy has a strong chase instinct, so it’s not the best breed for cats. Of course, every dog (and cat) has its own preferences and temperament, but you can be confident that your Borzoi puppy will get along well if you interact properly with your cat and/or are introduced at a very young age. Buy a Borzoi.

Is Borzoi puppy easy to train?

Borzoi puppy is not the easiest dog to train. They are smart but stubborn and sensitive to any training that is not full of positive reinforcement and motivational games.