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What is a Borzoi Patronus?

Borzoi patronus is a large and slender Borzoi from Russia. Borzoi patronus is elegant and noble, has a strong physique, and can hunt fast-moving animals such as rabbits and foxes. Some of Borzoi patronus are even used to capture wolves in their hometown. Borzoi patronus is an amorous dog and a real dog athlete who loves to give chase. Because Borzoi patronus is made for speed, many people are good at seducing.


History of Borzoi patronus

Borzoi patronus was bred by Russian nobles for hundreds of years. Borzoi patronus is a cross between the Arabian Greyhound and other long haired Russian shepherds. This Borzoi patronus was known as Russian wolfhounds in the United States until 1936, when its name was changed to “Borzoi”, which came from the Russian word “borzii”, meaning swift. For hundreds of years, the hound has been used to hunt wolves, foxes and rabbits in the open fields of Russia. As the breed became more popular, Borzoi patronus was increasingly used as a companion, and the dog and its temperament became more docile. Borzoi was recognized by the AKC in 1891. Borzoi’s talents include hunting, aiming and seduction.

How to comb Borzoi patronus?

Borzoi patronus’s long, flowing coat needs a good brush every few days. Bathing is also necessary to keep Borzoi handsome. Trim your nails if necessary, if you don’t get enough exercise. All Borzoi patronus require regular dental care, including home brushing and professional tooth cleaning, and Borzoi is no exception. Maintaining good dental hygiene is important for their overall long-term health.

How to exercise Borzoi patronus?

Borzoi patronus’s large and graceful body requires long walks or active play in the fenced area every day. Borzoi patronus is easy to explode at speed, as well as curl up on the sofa at the end of the day. Buy a Borzoi.

How to train Borzoi patronus?


Borzoi patronus can be independent and stubborn, but they are a sensitive and affectionate dog, not good at training with strict methods. They adore their families, but they are very reserved to strangers. Your Borzoi patronus should interact with children and animals like a puppy. When they are not in an enclosed area, they are always strapped, because once there is an opportunity, Borzoi patronus will not be able to suppress the desire to chase. In order to keep them healthy, Borzoi patronus needs a lot of exercise, including long walks every day and frequent opportunities to break free from the leash, but in some countries, all such fast walkers are prohibited from breaking free from the leash. Borzoi patronusi is a good jogging partner and usually likes to run next to his bike, but be careful, Borzoi patronus is likely to start running when he sees any prey. If this happens to your Borzoi patronus, you need to respond quickly.