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What is a Borzoi collie?

What is a Borzoi Collie? Borzoi Collie retains the size of greyhound at high speed, but is bigger and stronger than greyhound. Borzoi Collie has long silky fur, which can be flat, wavy or curly, and can withstand cold weather and snow. Borzoi Collie should be elegant and elegant, with smooth lines, whether standing or moving.


How to train your Borzoi Collie?

Training is essential for your Borzoi Collie. Considering instinct plus size and strength, it is necessary for Borzoi collie to keep calm in front of strangers, children, other dogs, unexpected noises, etc. Borzoi Collie should learn to rock solid recall reactions to ensure their safety when they lead. Once Borzoi Collie starts chasing, they’ll become single-minded. So teach them emergency recall in case of emergency. Active training team Borzoi Collie always works best and can be a great way for you to work with your dog. If you are the owner of a puppy, start early. This independent breed is especially recommended for puppies. Borzoi Collie needs regular exercise. They run at least half an hour a day for free. Preferably in a fenced yard where they can’t take off behind the nearest squirrel!

Borzoi Collie’s health problems

Every dog has its own high-risk problems. Here are some more common questions for Borzoi Collie for this breed.

  • Borzoi Collie’s eye problems
    Borzoi Collie retinopathy is a dog-specific eye disease that affects 12-14% of the population. It causes damage to the retina of the eye, leading to impaired vision. How the disease developed is not known. Because the genetic evidence is different. Regular Borzoi Collie eye examination can diagnose retinopathy.
  • Borzoi Collie’s dysplasia of the hip
  • Borzoi Collie’s tight hips seem to prevent hip dysplasia!
    Hip dysplasia is a hereditary disease of Borzoi Collie, which leads to hip deformity and osteoarthritis. Borzoi Collie’s symptoms include pain and limited movement. These usually pleasant dogs often get along with other pets, including dogs and cats. However, their visual instincts may replace smaller animals, especially outdoors. Borzoi Collie’s early training and socialization helped to curb indoor chasing, although outdoor might be another thing. Borzoi Collie is not a good guard or watchdog for you, whether you are friendly or distant from strangers. Buy a Borzoi.


Borzoi Collie’s coat and decoration

Borzoi Collie has long silky fur, which can be flat, curly or wavy. Although these coats do fall off, brushing your teeth quickly every day is enough to remove loose hair and dirt. In a few weeks of the year, Borzoi Collie will lose more hair. At this time, you may need to brush more. You need to trim Borzoi Collie’s nails once a week, and brush her teeth two or three times a week to help them maintain the shape of the top.