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What is a blue chihuahua?

Although they may additionally sound like cool animated film characters on a children’s TV show, they are stunning and rare. So, to reply to the query of what is a blue chihuahua, the Blue Chihuahua is the end result of a recessive gene, and each the dad and mom have to have the blue gene. This coloration variant is reflected on consideration of uncommon and is prized by means of many. The time period “blue” is frequently used via Chihuahua breeders to denote this uncommon color for Chihuahuas, which is virtually a grayish/blue.

There is a good deal hypothesis about this coloring for this breed. A proper Blue Chihuahua is certainly a model of a diluted black chihuahua. This capacity that the hue may additionally be grey or darkish gray and when out in the sunshine will have a mild bluish tint to it.


What makes a Blue Chihuahua so precious in the canine breeding world?

To begin with, breeding a Blue Chihuahua is no longer a convenient task. It’s all about combining one of a kind coloured Chihuahuas such as fawns and chocolate browns. However, the Blue Chihuahua is the end result of a recessive gene, and each the mother and father ought to have the blue gene in their ancestries to produce a Blue Chihuahua. And even then, the doggy would possibly now not have a full “blue” coat. It’s frequent for the coat to be blue and white.

The blue chihuahua has all of the different temperaments and features of a greater well-known shade Chihuahua. My little blue, Rockie (that’s her photo on this page) used to be the high-quality little Chi in the world, and I omit her every day!

Parents of Blue Chihuahuas

Looking at the mother and father doesn’t continually guarantee a Blue Chihuahua in the litter. A Blue chihuahua can be produced from a tan and a black….however each dam AND sire ought to have the recessive blue gene that is carried down to the puppy.


Reputable breeders will now not pair two Blue Chihuahuas together…and there is a very appropriate motive why. Studies have proven that this can reason scientific problems in the litter together with troubles with the fitness of the coat. This is due to the fact it is a diluted coloration and incorporates hidden defects. Blue chihuahuas are the offspring of two mothers and father who every elevate the recessive trait for grey fur. Due to the Blue Chihuahua being the end result of this recessive gene trait, the mother and father of blue chihuahuas don’t always have to have blue coats themselves.

As a warning, if a breeder unethically breeds two blues together, the resulting litter may also have solely tans, browns and fawn shade puppies. There is no assurance on the coloration of the litter. Since this is a recessive gene, it can be in the bloodline, however pass many generations.