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What is a Biro Biewer?

The Biro Biewer breed is a combination of dark chocolate color on a white background and the addition of gold color on the head. This makes the Biro a highly attractive and exclusive phenomenon.

The Biro Biewer comes from Biewers that carry the brown gene. The first Biro was a female called “Artois of Highclass Relight My Chocolate Fire”, born December 1st, 2004 to the “art of Highclass” Kennel, German breeders, Roberto Krah and J. lutz. It was this female dog that became the first registered Biro in the world.

The mother of the puppies, Alisha vom Wasserschlobehen, gave birth to four puppies. Three of the puppies were Biewers (black/blue on a white background, with tri-colored head). The fourth puppy was a female Biro (chocolate on a white background with a Tricolored head and brown nose).

The Father of this Biro was “Uz Von der Elsteraue” a winner of a great number of awards. Six weeks later another, January 14th, 2005, another female Biro was born to another kennel “From the Lightning Showboy” owned by Birgit Rosner and N. Polak. The pup was named “Little Princess from the Lightning Showboy”. Her Mother was Airline Von Alkotmany, daughter of the already mentioned Alisha vom Wasserschlobehen and the father was the same Uz von der Elsteraue.

The breeders of both kennels took an interest in the new coat color and decided to continue breeding and strengthening the new Biro breed. If you want to enjoy your spare time with your own Yorkie, you can contact us. We’d love to hear from you.