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What human foods are good for German shepherd dogs?

German shepherd dogs can eat human food. Dogs evolved from wolves thousands of years ago, and when they lived with humans, they shared food together. Therefore, we should not forget that dogs eat “human” food long before the invention of dog food. With the progress of society and the increase in the number of dog owners, the leftovers on the table will never be enough to feed our dogs. Therefore, in the 1850s, businessman James Spratt invented the first kind of dog biscuit. We know, it’s made of beef and vegetables, it’s made of beef and beets. By the 1920s, wet canned food was also produced.


How to feed German Shepherd Dog human food?

Before we look at the human food that your German Shepherd can eat, you need to consider several important safety rules: give your German shepherd the right amount of human food. As a general rule, snacks should not account for more than 10% of a dog’s daily calories. Different foods should be introduced gradually to avoid any unnecessary side effects. Unless your German Shepherd is used to safe raw food, the meat should be cooked. Make sure the meat is lean, all the fat is removed, and there are no bones, as small bones can easily break, damage your dog’s mouth or throat, cause suffocation, or blockage of the digestive tract. You should avoid processed meat, such as sausages, ham, and bacon because they contain a lot of salt or seasoning. Lactose intolerant German shepherd dogs should not eat dairy products. Dairy products contain different levels of lactose, so your German Shepherd can tolerate some foods, not others. For example, my GSD can eat cheese and plain yogurt, but she can’t even stand licking a few thick whipped cream! Can German Shepherds find my dairy products? More useful information. Fish should be cooked because it may contain bacteria, no extra oil or seasoning, and all bones should be removed. Fish that live longer, such as mackerel and tuna, can be high in mercury, so if you choose these types of fish, eat less. Seeds or seeds must be from fruits, such as nectarines, peaches, and plums because they contain trace amounts of toxic cyanide. These pits are also a danger of suffocation. I won’t list all the fruits, just some popular ones, because I have a separate guide that lists 29 kinds of fruit that you can give to your German shepherd dog. Most vegetables should be cooked because most dogs will find them easier to digest, however, some can be eaten raw, such as carrots and mung beans.


What human food can German shepherd dogs eat?

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the human foods your German Shepherd can eat. For reference.
(1) Apple
Apple is a good source of fiber, calcium, vitamin A and C. These vitamins are essential for maintaining bone and tissue health. Most dogs like the crisp texture and sweetness of apples, which also helps keep teeth clean and breath fresh. Cut the apple into small pieces. Don’t feed the seeds or nuts.
(2) Banana
German Shepherds can eat bananas. They are rich in potassium, which helps kidney and heart function, and is rich in vitamins, biotin, fiber, and copper. Bananas are also low in sodium. However, they are high in sugar, so they need only a small amount of food, not the peel, because the dog may be difficult to digest. When we go hiking, I like to give my German Shepherd a few small pieces of bananas, which help her quickly replenish her energy.
(3) Beef
German shepherd dogs need a high protein diet to provide the energy they need. Beef also contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to give your dog healthy joints, muscles, skin, and shiny, healthy fur. All meat you give to your German Shepherd should be cooked unless your dog is used to raw food and food is prepared for hygiene. Beef should be lean, plain, without salt or seasoning. A few scraps of paper can always be a treat and can be part of your dog’s nutrition and a balanced diet.