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What food is best for a Chihuahua puppy?

Although we don’t need a lot of food to feed Chihuahua, they do need high-quality food to fuel their internal engines. If you can find the best food to feed it, make it healthy and happy. The chihuahua will thank you, and you’ll feel better until you feed him a nutritious, balanced diet filled with what a lively little Chihuahua needs!

1. The health problems of Chihuahua and the influence of diet

As with many other breeds, they usually have a longer life span, as do many other breeds.
While this is good news for owners, it presents a unique challenge: because Chihuahuas live longer, they are more vulnerable to lifestyle-related health problems. Diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and obesity usually take many years to show up, so shorter lived varieties are rarely affected by these diseases.
Some of the other health problems Chihuahua faces are inborn, and while these shouldn’t affect your eating decisions, it’s still important to provide quality food for your Chihuahua, tailored to treat diseases that you can delay or prevent.

2. The most common health problems of Chihuahua include:

Chihuahua often struggles with skin and fur related diseases. Some of these diseases are hereditary, but many others – the most obvious food allergy – can be strongly affected by your dog’s diet. Look for foods with novel protein sources and no common allergens (corn, soybean, milk, beef, poultry, and wheat, etc.).
Your Chihuahua is more likely to have joint problems than most other puppies. Although many of these conditions, such as patellar dislocation (dislocation of the knee), are hereditary; you can prevent or reduce the severity of joint-related diseases, such as arthritis, by choosing foods containing chondroitin or glucosamine.

3. Chihuahua’s best dog food

Some Chihuahuas have a heart disease called patent ductus arteriosus, a heart defect that prevents blood from reaching the lungs as efficiently as possible. However, it is a congenital defect that has no effect on the diet; the suffering dog needs surgery.
Chihuahua often suffers from dental disease. Fortunately, if we brush and treat the dog’s teeth regularly, the disease can be prevented. However, we should also give him dog food, not wet or semi-wet, because it can help him clean his teeth every meal.
Chihuahua is also prone to various eye diseases, including glaucoma, corneal dystrophy, and lens dislocation. However, these are unlikely to be related to our Chihuahua diet.
Hypoglycemia often bothers Chihuahua, so many breeders advise parents to feed Chihuahua a small, frequent amount of food (three to four times a day), or at will (that is, you should always have a plate of food ready).