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What food can’t be eaten by Bichon Frise?

Once the Bichon Frise does not eat properly, it may suffer from gastroenteritis, especially in young dogs, weak intestines and stomach are easy to suffer from gastroenteritis. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following points when raising beagle puppies. If we pay attention to these, we can avoid some unnecessary troubles, and also make the dog suffer less.


1. Leftovers

We want to give Bichon Frises dog food. Don’t let it eat the food we usually eat. Some people may think that we humans can eat. Why can’t dogs eat it? But now we all say that we should take dog food as the staple food of dogs for a reason. For example, the dog’s hair quality, resistance, and the nutrition of dog food are inseparable. Therefore, the owners should not feed their leftovers to the Beagle, and they should not feed the small snacks they eat, such as chocolate, or foods with high oil and salt content. A beagle will put more burden on his stomach after eating these things.
After all, the physiological structure of dogs and people is different, and the nutritional needs of their bodies are also different. If dogs take human food as their staple food for a long time, it is likely to lead to malnutrition of dogs, and even lead to unhealthy health due to too much seasoning in food. But the dog food is different, is specially made for the dog, naturally most suitable for the dog’s body, nutrition is not only balanced but also comprehensive developed, also easy to digest, easy to use. In particular, dog food as the staple food of the dog’s life is also a lot longer, and the body will not appear very serious body odor. So if you keep a beagle at home, you’d better feed it with dog food.

2. White rice and viscera

There must be many owners who will feed the Beagle dogs in this way, but this method can easily cause the bear to suffer from skin diseases (dandruff, skin itching, eczema, etc.), so the owners can’t often feed the Beagle bear with animal liver, and the fat in rice is too much. Too much eating will make the bear obese.

3. Fishbone and chicken bone

Because the bones of fish and chicken are sharp, if the owner feeds the bear, the dog may get the bone stuck in the throat or swallow into the stomach, scratch the intestinal tract, causing gastrointestinal bleeding and other health problems. Feeding mainly wants to feed dog bones, you can give them to eat big cooked beef leg bone and pig leg bone, for them to bite.


4. Eat less meat (chicken, pork, beef)

Although eating meat is the nature of dogs, it must be appropriate. The long term eating meat will make them develop the habit of picky eating and partial eating. It will also lead to excessive nutrition and lead to obesity, which is not conducive to oral health. Because there are many parasites in meat, they will produce a lot of parasites when they enter the mouth of beagle dogs, which will affect the dog’s fasting environment.

5. Chocolate

You must have heard that dogs can’t eat chocolate. Of course, our Bichon Frise can’t eat chocolate, because the caffeine in chocolate is the killer of pets. If they eat a little, they will cause poisoning and even endanger their lives.