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What does a Malinois puppy look like?

Is Malinois puppy your choice? As far as dogs are concerned, Malinois of Belgium is probably the best guard and worker in the dog kingdom. As a herdsman, these dogs can take on a variety of jobs. They are the favorite of the army and law enforcement officers. Although the Belgian Malinois puppies look like German shepherds, they are a separate breed. In fact, the Belgian Malinois puppy is one of four Belgian shepherds or shepherds.


Malinois puppy’s temperament

This is a confident and intelligent dog, keeping silent to strangers, but full of affection and protection to his own people. Malinois puppy is easy to train and when he has work to do, he does it best. The variety’s versatility, endurance, trainability and enthusiasm for work make him an ideal candidate with the police and army. However, the Belgian Malinois puppy can also be a good companion, and the dog can meet his sports and energy needs in the family. They have very high energy and can be driven. Like other sheepdog breeds, Malinois puppy may not be able to suppress the impulse to chase. Malinois puppy likes to chase cars, and joggers and cyclists can be targets. They may try to get rid of the children by biting their feet.

Malinois puppy’s attitude

Some people say that “sticking” is an understatement. Mary Hogan described the head of Malinois puppy she had seen and heard, describing the snobbish breed of dog. “These dogs want to have so much physical contact with their owners that they try to put themselves in their owners’ bodies and end up standing on their heads and hanging in the air,” Mary said. For a dog weighing up to 80 pounds, this may be a consideration!
The coat should be short and straight, hard enough to weather, with a thick undercoat. The head, ears and legs should be short. The hair forms a collar around the neck and is a little long behind the tail and thighs. The coat should be coordinated with the body and should not protrude or droop.

The color of Malinois puppy

The basic color is a rich light brown to mahogany, with black hair tips to give a covered look. The mask and ears are black. Malinois puppy in Belgium is a kind of double coating variety, which usually falls off twice a year. Take a bath when it’s dirty, brush your teeth once or twice a week, and trim your nails to keep your Malinois puppy in good shape.

Is Malinois puppy easy to train?

Although Malinois puppy people are sometimes willful and playful, they are highly trainable and thrive on obedience, skill and agility training.
They can read out the smallest movements and even detect changes in facial expressions. This breed is very smart! However, this is not the ideal choice for the first time dog owners. Active intensive training is the best way to train the Malinois puppy people in Belgium, because discipline leads to bad behavior and stubbornness. Malinois puppy people need a lot of high-intensity training and vigorous exercise to keep happy and healthy. This makes them an unwise choice for apartment owners because they don’t like to stay indoors or do well in small spaces.

The socialized training of Malinois puppy


Malinois puppy, a vigilant watchdog in Belgium, is keen to protect his family and territory carefully. They are good at assessing the situation and will not use force if it is not necessary. These Belgian guards will be very careful in front of strangers until they think there is no danger. The Belgian Malinois puppy is a watchdog that needs to be properly socialized to understand when their defensive skills are needed and when they can be calm and not defensive. Buy a Malinois.
The best way to do this is to start dating your Malinois puppy when he’s young. Make sure they are exposed to different scenes, sounds, people and other dogs. Take them to busy parks, streets and woods. Wherever they are, they can see new things and experience new situations. In this way, your dog will understand the different situations and know when and how to react. Socialization can even take place at home. Wear different clothes; wear glasses, hat and loose clothes so your dog won’t recognize you immediately. Teach your dog to stay alone for a while, don’t make a fuss. This is the best way to ensure that your puppy will grow into a stable, confident, and well behaved dog.