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What does a Corkie look like?

Corkie is a small dog in shape. Corkie is a hybrid of Cocker hound and Yorkshire hound, so it can also be called Cocker hound / Yorkshire hound hybrid. Corkie is a half breed, and he lives 11 to 15 years. Corkie is a very happy and lovely dog and can be a very good family pet.

What does corkie look like?

Corkie is an 8 to 20 pound, 8 to 14 inch puppy. Corkie is a compact and strong dog, not a fragile one, with ears that can stand up or fall down. Corkie has a pair of very expressive black eyes and a black nose. His coat is straight, silky and medium to long. The common colors are yellow, gray, black, brown, white and tan. It can be single coating or double coating. Corkie’s tail is on the short side and his tone is on the long side. You want to find a good family dog, but prefer a smaller one? If so, you may want to consider a corkie.
Corkie is a hybrid of cocker and Yorkshire Terrier. It’s recognized by international designer dog registration and other kennel clubs – but not AKC. However, that doesn’t stop them from becoming “the best boys (and girls!)”. Corkie’s leisurely nature, coupled with their desire to please, makes them excellent family dogs as well. So if you’re looking for a patient puppy and don’t hesitate to say how much they love you, find a corkie.

Corkie’s dog ancestor

When the pilgrims first landed on Plymouth Rock, they brought with them English cocker dogs. After generations of breeding, Spanish dogs began to show differences from the original English cocker dogs, thus creating the Corkie dogs.

Corkie is not necessarily a 50% hybrid

Many famous brand dogs are considered only when their parents are half of the family. For corkie, cross generation is not uncommon.

Corkie is a very sensitive dog

When training your corkie, you should be very careful to use only positive reinforcement. Corkie is very sensitive and doesn’t like to annoy the host. Be sure to give them all the love and attention to prevent them from becoming sad.

Corkie’s temperament and intelligence


Although the corkie breed is an interesting family dog, they don’t necessarily know their intelligence. However, they have a great desire to please their hosts, friends and family. So corkie will do her best to look cute. Buy a Corkie. 

How big is a corkie?

Corkie is about 12 inches tall. Corkie is a cute small and medium-sized dog, a mixture of cocker and Yorkshire Terrier. Corkie is usually about 12 inches tall and weighs about 15 pounds on average.