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What do Tibetan spaniels eat?

What do Tibetan spaniels eat? Tibetan Spaniel originated in Tibet and was a companion of saints. These medium-sized dogs tend to have shaggy hair that even covers their eyes. Amazingly, the Tibetan spaniel is not a hound. Contrary to their name, they are only named by the British, who prefer to call any dog their size. They are interesting hobbies, temperament, very lively dogs. However, taking care of your Tibetan Terrier requires careful care and diligent commitment to meet your puppy’s physical, emotional, and nutritional needs. Next, we’ll discuss the nutritional needs of Tibetan Spaniel and explore some of the best dog terriers to help you keep your dog strong and healthy.


Health and nutritional needs of Tibetan Spaniel

If you are looking for the best dog food for your Tibetan spaniel, go to one that meets its requirements, based on all its activities, any existing health problems, and age. This will require a balanced diet that is high in protein and adequate in essential vitamins, as well as important nutrients. Natural meat should be in the first place, followed by vegetables and fruits to ensure that all nutrients are properly absorbed by the body. Targeting a diet rich in antioxidants, such as taurine is good for the heart health of Tibetan spaniel, DHA is good for brain development, and fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, can make fur and skin brighter and healthier. The above is also an ideal formula for Tibetan Terrier puppies. When your dog is growing, make sure your diet is well balanced and provides all the nutrients your dog needs.

Combination of diet and exercise

Because you should feed your Tibetan Spaniel food that is suitable for his body size and activity level, make sure you exercise him regularly because they are high-energy dogs. If they don’t exercise enough, they can easily become lazy. If this happens, give the dog fewer calories or reduce its food intake. If you don’t, your pet will soon be overweight.

Common health problems of Tibetan Spaniel

Although Tibetan Spaniel has been in good health for centuries, they also have some genetic problems. Eye problems are usually the main problem for many Tibetan spaniel. Tibetan spaniel is often blind due to cataracts, glaucoma, progressive retinal atrophy, or lens dislocation. They also have poor joints, which can lead to dysplasia of the hip, knee and elbow. All of these will bring them a lot of pain, sometimes, lameness, need surgery. Up to 30% of Tibetan terriers suffer from hypothyroidism, which requires lifelong medication. Tibetan Spaniel’s skin can itch from long-term allergies. Please note that they can cause bacterial infections due to excessive scratching. The ear infection caused Tibetan Spaniel to have a lot of hair in his ear canal. Because of Tibetan Spaniel’s hereditary eye problems, anyone with Tibetan terriers should make sure that their eyes are checked as soon as possible for any signs of hereditary disease.


Tibetan Spaniel’s food

While it’s not always possible, your Tibetan Spaniel foods are best homemade to make sure they get all the nutrients your body needs. First, cook easy to digest foods, such as oatmeal, mashed vegetables, and cooked meat. Every Tibetan Spaniel has its own best diet, which is why you should follow expert advice when it comes to the best dog food for your hide terrier. You should always pay attention to your dog’s health and behavior. Whenever you take your pet to the veterinarian, ask him to do a blood test for the dog to check whether your pet is properly nourished.
Make sure you feed your dog a good variety of food. Although the percentage may vary depending on the best food for the baby and adult Tibetan spaniel, the basic feeding formula includes two portions of meat, one portion of the grain, and one portion of raw and juiced vegetables. Mix the above ingredients and feed your dog. For every 10 pounds your Tibetan Spaniel weighs, you feed him half a cup. For a little Tibetan spaniel, a half cup for every five pounds is enough.