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What do Italian Greyhounds eat?

Italian Greyhound is famous for its slender body and deep abdomen. So they need high-quality dog food to help them lose weight. They need to eat different kinds of food but must meet the AAFCO standards. Whether you have an adult Greyhound or a puppy, they should have a balanced diet. Sometimes it’s challenging to know the right food to feed this breed because they’re allergic. Here are some foods your Italian Greyhound can eat.



The proportion of protein in dog food is higher. Italian Greyhound is very active and fun. So they need protein-rich food. They are the main ingredients that need to be checked when giving Greyhound food. Compared with adult Italian Greyhound, little Italian Greyhound needs a lot of protein because it helps stimulate their growth. When buying food to feed Greyhound, make sure the first few ingredients are animal products, such as chicken. The ingredients on the food label should be the first you see. Protein free foods lack the amino acids Greyhound needs. Protein byproducts like eggs should also be avoided in the diet of Italian Greyhound.


Italian Greyhound is very sensitive and has a lot of allergies. Whole grains in dog food help digestion. However, if the dog has a healthy response, it should be avoided. Some grains that may be included in the dog’s food are wheat, oats, and soybeans. If you have an Italian Greyhound that is sensitive to grain, give it a cereal free meal. This will help protect the Italian Greyhound’s digestive system and skin as well.


The overall health of an Italian Greyhound includes its weight, fur, and skin. The food you give your dog will improve or worsen its health.. They maintain the dog’s immunity and promote healthy, shiny fur. Some good dog food with fatty acids should contain DHA and EPA.

Wet / canned dog food

Italian Greyhound needs to keep water by drinking water just like human beings. Italian Greyhound should be fed wet food because wet food can keep them hydrated. Dogs like wet food because it is easy to digest. Wet food is also good for your aging Greyhound, as its teeth become weaker and weaker with age. They have more meat, which is what dogs need to grow.
Wet food also has more calories than dry food, and the calorie content is correct. Feeding wet food to the dog or having teeth problems with urinary tract disease. Wet food is also high in fat, which is needed by active dogs like a greyhound. However, too much fat can make them overweight and they need to keep slim to carry them. The rich flavor of moist food is irresistible to your hound. Because Italian Greyhound is very active, so give them more wet food to keep them more energetic.


Solid food

Dry dog food brings a lot of benefits to Italian Greyhound. They are in the form of fragments, which are easy to digest because of their size. Unlike wet food, kibbles are easy to store and budget-friendly. One good thing that dry food will help your Italian gray floor is that it can improve dental health. When they chew kibbles, they strengthen their teeth, it massages their gums, leaving clean teeth.

Improving the diet of Italian Greyhound

Although Italian Greyhound is a very active dog, they run around chasing things, but their vision is often poor. They are affected by eye diseases and cataracts. We feed Italian Greyhound food containing blueberries or white fish to improve their eyesight.