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What should we do about Alaskan Malamute’s red eyes?

Alaska’s eyes may be red because it has just finished the vigorous exercise, or it may be because of a dog eyelash, or dog eye inflammation caused. Let’s take a look at why Alaska’s eyes are red.


1. Get plenty of exercises:

Alaska red eyes may be due to increased blood circulation after a lot of exercises, which is a normal phenomenon in dogs, dogs naturally cool down after the red eyes.


2. Entropion:

Dogs’ eyes may be red because their eyelids are turned inside out, which is called eyelashes inverted. Turning the eyelids inside out can cause eyelashes to irritate the cornea all the time, making the eyes feel very uncomfortable, symptoms of red Eyes and tearing in dogs. It’s time to trim the lining and trim some extra eyelashes to help the dog shed a few tears. Treatment of eyelid entropion will usually be carried out surgery to solve this problem, which is commonly known as the double eyelid, together with electric burn eyelash hair follicles part, can be effectively solved. Alaska likes to play at home or outside. It’s hard not to get something (sand, etc.) in the dog’s eyes every day, and if we don’t get it out in time, Alaska’s eyes will turn red. At this time it is best for pet owners to check the eyes of Alaska as soon as possible to see if there is a foreign body in the eyes of Alaska. If there is a foreign body, clean it up as soon as possible, and use a non-irritating wet tissue, or a warm towel, to help wipe and clear the skin around the eyes of Alaska.

3. Eye Infections:

Red Eyes in dogs can be caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites in the eyes, or by swelling, pain and itching of the eyes, which can result in frequent scratching of the eyes with the paws, if the condition is less than 3-5 times a day with normal saline irrigation after dropping anti-inflammatory eye drops can, the situation is more serious recommendations to professional pet hospital, so as not to delay the illness caused serious consequences.


4. Fight with another dog:

Dogs with red eyes may have had an argument with other dogs, the eyes were scratched by other dogs if fighting with other dogs resulting in red eyes, the best with the pet hospital for treatment.

5. Dacryocystitis:

Lacrimal gland inflammation is also one of the causes of red eyes in Alaska, mainly because the lacrimal gland that secretes tears is infected, resulting in abnormal excessive secretion of tears, and the Nasolacrimal duct is too late to dredge up so many tears, this can lead to excessive dog eye excrement causing red and Puffy eyes. The most common method is drug control, with the duration of treatment depending on the dog’s actual situation.