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What colors are Alaskan Malamute’s eyes?

Alaska Malamute is a good looking breed, and Husky looks very similar in appearance, but on closer inspection, the appearance is quite different, the main difference being the color of the eyes. Alaskan Malamute’s eyes are generally almond-shaped. Generally speaking, the darker the eyes look, the purer the natural variety is. Many owners have noticed why Alaska’s eyes look so weird. Did they get it from the huskies? Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the colors in Alaska’s eyes.


1. Dark Brown

We usually see the most Alaskan Malamute’s eye color is dark brown, this color of eyes’ Alaska is the most common but also belongs to the purest eyes.

2. Brown

Alaskan Malamute has brown eyes. Brown eyes are less dark and lighter than Brown eyes. But you might also see a more dramatic color, which is blue-eyed Alaska. This type of Alaska would be out of line in that circle, or it could be a change in eye color due to eye disease. There is a frequent pet shop, parents can take Alaska to the pet shop for a diagnosis and treatment, to determine whether it is a matter of taste or disease. And the color of Alaska is more likely to be mistaken for Husky by people who don’t know the species since Husky’s eyes are mostly blue.


3. Fading of Alaskan Eyes:

Some owners found that their Alaska Malamute had blue eyes when they were young, but they grew up to have brown eyes because the Alaska Blue Membrane did not fade away when they were young, it’s normal to lose color when you grow up. The Alaskan puppy’s blue membrane will disappear in about 20 days, depending on its nutrition and genetics. Alaskan puppies usually open their eyes at 9 to 15 days, when their eyes are very vulnerable. We can’t let the bright light irritate their eyes, or it may cause irreversible damage to their eyes, in severe cases, it can lead to blindness.

The condition of the giant Alaskan Malamute with blue eyes is a disqualification, meaning the dog is disqualified from competing in international dog competitions. The giant Alaskan dog is believed to be genetically impure and to be part of Husky’s lineage. According to AKC’s breed standard, Alaska must have Brown almond-shaped eyes, the darker the better. In general, giant Alaskans can grow to 80 cm tall and weigh 90 kg. Disqualification means that the Alaskan Malamute’s appearance does not meet the breed standards and is therefore disqualified. Breed standards are based on the working performance of dogs, health stability, dog identification, which characteristics of dogs are ideal, approved, which are defective, disqualification. Through the establishment of such standards, in order to achieve the elimination of dogs with major defects or genetic diseases, thereby improving the overall quality of purebred dogs.