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What Chihuahuas should not do?

We all love our Chihuahua. We all hope Chihuahua can live happily and healthily. That’s why I wrote this article. Many are completely safe for humans, but not for Chihuahua. We need to know the potential danger to Chihuahua and how to protect your precious Chihuahua.


1. Chocolate

Most people know that, and don’t let your Chihuahua eat chocolate. Because the dog will eat chocolate without our knowledge. By the time we find out, he is in shock, but we don’t know the cause of the dog’s death. We want to know that the only way he died was for him to have an autopsy, and only in the autopsy report did he find out the cause of the dog’s death.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine in coffee, soft drinks, or anything else is toxic to dogs and can be fatal.

3. Cocoa cover

Cocoa mulch is like chocolate, which can be fatal if ingested by Chihuahua.

4. Lawn chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, plant foods, and fertilizers)

If your Chihuahua gets into it, some of them can be fatal. If it gets on your dog’s feet, it’s dangerous to lick them off.

5. Insecticides

Even if you keep the insecticide away from your Chihuahua, if your dog finds a poisoned rodent eating it, he will take it. For a puppy-like Chihuahua, it can be fatal.

6. Deicing salt

Once Chihuahua land on the ground, your dog can find debris in their paws. When your dog licks its paws, it swallows poison. If you live in a cold climate, put boots on dogs in winter. Or make sure your dog’s paws come back from the walk and wash them off.

7. Old antifreeze

Antifreeze traditionally has a sweet taste and is very attractive to dogs. Recently, manufacturers have volunteered to add a bitter additive to antifreeze to prevent animals from trying to drink it. Note that if you have an old antifreeze bottle in your garage, it doesn’t have it. Antifreeze is very toxic to animals and will kill them.

8. Acetaminophen

You may not know what acetaminophen is, but I believe you may know that its trademark is talon. It’s poisonous to dogs. In fact, many of the drugs that are good for humans are toxic to pets, so keep them out of the reach of pets.

9. Plants

Many indoor and garden plants are poisonous to dogs if they happen to eat them.
10. Grapes and raisins
One grape may not hurt your dog (unless your Chihuahua is a puppy or very small), but one or more grapes can cause liver and kidney damage to the Chihuahua.