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What can you expect living with the Belgian Tervuren temperament?

What can you expect living with the Belgian Tervuren temperament? If you’re thinking about adopting a Belgian Tervueren, the first thing to consider is the environment in which you take your dog. Frankly speaking, there are many families that are not suitable for this particular variety. Ideally, Belgian Tervueren needs a home of moderate size, a large yard to run in, a vibrant, healthy family to give the dog the attention it needs. The ideal of a Belgian Tervueren may be to live in the great outdoors, where someone can play with them at any time under their guidance, but we will try to be realistic now. First, a small apartment without a park nearby will be disqualified immediately. The Tervueren likes to have a lot of space to run and play, and if he or she is locked up in a small house, he or she will feel claustrophobic. Dogs also tend to be unusually demanding when it comes to exercise. It’s not enough to walk on the street once in a while. It’s not the first choice for workaholic bachelors who only have a few hours a day to take care of their pets.


Belgian Tervueren is full of energy

Perhaps the Belgian Tervueren is more suitable for family rearing than any other breed of the sheepdog. They like a big house full of friendly, energetic people and animals to play in, and they don’t really realize their potential in a quiet small apartment without human life for eight hours a day. They won’t be satisfied with someone who doesn’t have time to do anything but throw a tennis ball in the living room once or twice. The right home is absolutely necessary. Before thinking about the personal history or reproductive lineage of Belgian Tervueren or anything else, you should take a moment to ask yourself whether your environment and lifestyle are suitable for a breed that demands a lot of exercise, free space, and attention.

Focus on the health of Belgian Tervueren

It is well known that in a smaller environment, because of the lack of attention and exercise that it needs, it becomes lazy and complacent, gains weight, and is chronically depressed. The host can solve this problem by simply putting in time and energy to properly take care of the Belgian Tervueren and let them develop healthier eating habits. Like most dog breeds, most personal problems can be solved through exercise and love. In addition to their high maintenance costs in terms of environment and lifestyle, Belgian Tervueren should be happy.


Belgian Tervueren is not more susceptible than most other varieties

Belgian Tervueren has an average life span of 14 years and is quite healthy and active for most of their lives. Belgian Tervueren are often aggressive and may even be hostile if they ignore human love in the first few weeks of their lives, but if they are properly raised, their aggressiveness seems to apply only to tug of war or to tracking victims while working in search and rescue teams. Before you take Belgian Tervueren to a new environment, make sure it’s right for you.