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What can Corgi eat to replenish calcium?

The healthy growth of Corgi is inseparable from the care of their owners, and only scientific and reasonable feeding can make Corgi dogs get real physical and mental health. However, most of the first-time breeders of koji are inexperienced and don’t know how to feed them. They make a lot of mistakes, which brings many potential threats to Corgi’s health. In the period of Corgi dog puppies, we need to pay attention to the reasonable supplement of calcium, which can affect the life of Corgi dogs.


1. What does Corgi eat to supplement the calcium effect to be good?

Cockey dogs grow very fast before the age of one year. The owner must ensure that the dog is fed enough calcium. For every 2kg body weight, about 1 teaspoon of calcium powder can be fed every day. According to this proportion, the amount of calcium powder can be increased according to the specific bodyweight. After one-year-old, the dog’s teeth and bones are basically mature. The owner can start to reduce the amount of calcium powder to half of the previous amount, that is, about 1 teaspoon per day for every 4.5kg body weight.

2. Cartilage can be used to supplement calcium for Corgi

If the condition is limited and there is no calcium powder, the owner can use pig bone, cattle bone, or sheep bone instead, but the best part is cartilage. Note that chicken and fish bones are absolutely not allowed. They are too thin and fragile. If swallowed, they can easily scratch Corgi’s esophagus and even gastrointestinal tract.


3. Fully absorb calcium

Also, not to eat calcium powder or bone can, but also more sun, promote absorption. This is why many people do not understand why every day calcium supplement dog’s legs are also deformed, absorption is not good, or even no absorption is equal to the white tonic.

The above is a general description of the problem of Corgi calcium supplement, I believe that you have a bottom in mind. If there is a better way, we are also welcome to share!