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What are the types of dog vomiting?

Dogs are more prone to vomiting, in addition to the cause of disease, they vomit more out of the protection of the body, vomiting is not an independent disease, but the clinical manifestations of a variety of diseases. According to the different causes of dog vomiting, vomiting types can also be divided into a variety of reflex vomiting and central vomiting.


1. Contagious vomiting:

Infectious vomiting is more common in canine distemper, Parvo, coronary, Hepatitis A, infectious bronchitis, and other diseases.

2. Aggressive vomiting:

Dogs infected with Ascaris, tapeworms, and other parasites are prone to this type of vomiting. It is clinically common in puppies as young as 2 months of age, sometimes with parasites in their vomit.

3. Toxic vomiting:

Toxic vomiting is common in drug and toxin poisoning (mercuric chloride, arsenic preparation, copper sulfate, lead, etc.); treatment of drug poisoning (digitalis glycoside, chlorophylline, epinephrine, salicylic acid, Erythromycin, etc.); Solvent poisoning (such as ethanol, isopropanol, benzene, Acetone, Nitrobenzene, phenol, etc.); pesticide poisoning (such as Acetaminophen, organophosphate, etc.); other poisonings (such as staphylococcal enterotoxin, alcohol, Methyl Bromide, etc.).

4. Metabolic vomiting:

Metabolic disorders such as acidosis, alkalosis, uremia, adrenocortical hormone.

5. Abnormal vomiting of the digestive tract:

Dog’s pharynx, esophagus abnormality (pharynx spasm, esophagus obstruction, esophagus spasm, esophagus stricture, etc.); dog’s stomach intestines abnormality (stomach dilatation, stomach twist, intussusception, stomach foreign body, stomach tumor, etc.).


6. Inflammatory vomiting:

Inflammatory vomiting is common in pancreatitis, Pyometra, gastric ulcer, mast cell disease, severe hepatitis, peritonitis, urethral rupture, and so on.

7. Nervous vomiting:

Neuropathic vomiting is more common in dogs with autonomic epilepsy, Cerebellum, or vestibular disorders; increased intracranial pressure, head injuries, brain tumors, Hydrocephalus, vomiting central hypoxemia, severe anemia, or severe ischemia.

8. Other reasons:

In addition to the cause of the disease, a dog’s poor diet is also a cause of vomiting in dogs. Unclean food will cause the dog to be uncomfortable, the dog will vomit because of a kind of protection to oneself. Vomiting in this case should not be too worried, as long as the owner of the dog’s foreign body will be protruding after the return to normal.