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What are the symptoms and consequences of ypoglycemia in Maltese dogs?

If the owners do not take good care of Maltese dogs, they may suffer from hypoglycemia. We should know, the so-called hypoglycemia, in fact, is the Maltese dog blood sugar concentration reduced to a certain degree will occur disease. In the basic case, the reason why the Maltese dogs suffer from hypoglycemia is due to insufficient nutrition or eating some food that cannot be digested. Of course, excessive exercise may also lead to the occurrence of hypoglycemia in Maltese dogs.


1. The mental state of the Maltese dog is depressed

If a Maltese dog is suffering from hypoglycemia, his mental state may be very depressed and even unable to stand up. And you can’t eat anything, and sometimes you may have convulsions all over the body. In fact, the specific risk is mainly to see whether the Maltese dogs suffer from hypoglycemia. If the hypoglycemia is caused by starvation or excessive exercise, it is easy to recover. However, if the liver function of the Maltese dogs is impaired, resulting in hypoglycemia, then this situation is likely to endanger the lives of Maltese dogs.


2. How to prevent Maltese dogs from hypoglycemia?

The owner should increase the content of protein and fat when feeding the Maltese dog. If the owner is going to take the dog out to do a lot of exercises, it’s best to give it enough energy first. If your Maltese dog has diabetes, the owner should be careful. Maltese dogs consume a lot of energy during childbirth, so they are very prone to hypoglycemia after birth. So we should always pay attention to the physical condition of the Maltese. If the owner finds that the Maltese dog hypoglycemia is very serious, he must be sent to the hospital immediately.

However, snacks, sugar, and other sweets are very easy to lead to obesity, and also easy to cause calcium absorption and dental caries, which is not good for Maltese dogs. Especially like the indoor dog, he lives with his family all day long. The owner can easily feed him cakes and other things in his spare time. For the sake of the health of the Maltese dog, please don’t do this. We should not let the Maltese take too much vitamin C. Maltese can synthesize vitamin C in the body by eating meat. Therefore, it is unnecessary for us to specially feed the Maltese dogs with fresh vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C. if we eat too much, it is easy to cause indigestion, which should be paid attention to. Some foods are too low or difficult to digest. Most of the foods that were not suitable for the Maltese were not eaten in the wild. As the Maltese dog has inherited many of the habits of carnivores, the body is no longer adapted to digest these foods. We should bear this in mind.