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What are the reasons for the poodle’s increase of eye poop?

We can often see that if some poodle parents do not pay attention to breeding, it may lead to more eye droppings or tear marks, which will not only affect the dog’s beauty. This is exactly the problem of the dog’s health. So many parents may be more confused, what is the reason for the increase of poodle eye poop? Is it a food problem? Today we will come to understand the reason for the increase of poodle eye poop. According to scientific research, there are various reasons for the increase of poop, such as internal fire, inflammation of the eyes, and deficiency of heat in the body. All of these will cause the poop to increase. However, according to different conditions, the shape of poop is also different.

1. Inflammation

For example, if the poodle’s eyes are inflamed or the body is hot, the poop will be dry and hard. If only weak in the body, its eye droppings will be like rice paste, and relatively soft. If the poodle is due to strong liver fire, it will not only have eye droppings but also become red. If it is because of the hot and dry body, the poop will be thick and yellow.

2. Poodle is weak

Although it is an only fire or weak body, it is not sick, but it should be paid attention to by parents! Once the poodle eye dropsy increases, and there is an abnormal situation, it is better to take the poodle to the hospital in time. No matter whether the poodle has the disease or not, parents should pay enough attention to it, so as to ensure that the poodle can be healthy all the time.
Of course, if the poodle is accompanied by other abnormal symptoms, such as convulsions, sneezing, coughing, and so on, it indicates that the poodle is already sick. Therefore, parents must take the poodle to see a doctor immediately, and the owner should not delay the best treatment time for the dog.