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What are the most common diseases of poodle?

Poodles are naive and lively, smart and lovely, and their personality is relatively gentle and friendly. Their figures often shuttle in various shopping malls, communities, streets, etc., which shows that they are very popular, and many people want to start raising this kind of dog. But do you know what diseases poodles are most likely to suffer from? Before you raise a poodle, you should know its contents Easy to suffer from diseases, so you can raise them in the future. Let’s take a look at it.

1、 It’s easier to catch a cold

Cold is one of the more common diseases in the growth process of the poodle, so the owner must take good care of them in the daily feeding process, do not let them catch a cold, and do warm measures for them in time. If the dog has a cold, keep warm for them in time, and take measures in time. You can give it an appropriate amount of Banlangen or cold granules to make them more Rest and drink plenty of water to help them with cold symptoms.

2、 Prone to gastroenteritis

Due to the fragility of the intestines and stomach of VIP dogs, and their taste is relatively heavy, it is easy to develop gastroenteritis. Therefore, in the normal feeding process, for the sake of the dog’s gastrointestinal health, we must pay special attention to their diet. We should feed them light food with less salt and fat, and select probiotics for them as far as possible Ecological dog food!

3、 It is easy to fracture

The reason why poodles are called small dogs is that their bodies are relatively small and their bones are relatively thin. If their owners fail to give them calcium in time, their bones will be very easy to fracture. In addition, if they do some strenuous exercise, they will be easily fractured. Therefore, the owners should pay attention to these in the daily feeding process For them to supplement calcium nutrition, but also take care of them, do not let them do more violent exercise.

4、 It’s easy to get tears

According to the research findings, some poodles are born with lacrimal gland blockage, so they often shed tears. In addition, if the eyelashes are too long, they will shed tears, or if they eat too much salt and other reasons, they will produce tear marks. The owner should give them light food, not too much food with high salt content, and regularly Trim the hair around their eyes and disinfect their eyes regularly with eye drops.