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What are the health problems of Kuvasz?

What are the health problems of Kuvasz?  Through good breeding practice and natural vigor of varieties, Kuvasz has few health problems with other varieties. Like other large, fast-growing varieties, Kuvasz is prone to hip dysplasia. Dysplasia of the hip is a developmental deformity of the hip. Some recent studies have shown that it is not entirely genetic. It may be as much as 50% to 60% of the genetic balance affected by the environment.


Coronary heart disease in Kuvasz

When we X-rayed the 8-week-old Kuvasz puppies, it was not possible to determine whether they had coronary heart disease because all of their hips looked normal. As the puppy continues to grow, something happens. Research shows that parents without coronary heart disease can still produce offspring of coronary heart disease. Parents with congenital heart disease can have normal offspring. Consistent efforts to breed only CHD-free animals are believed to significantly reduce the incidence rate and severity of the disease. A responsible breeder will not object to the issue of coronary heart disease. It is important to check the time of the permit when reviewing the hygiene permit of the kennel. An absolute minimum requirement is that parents and grandparents do not have coronary heart disease, but even better, most of their siblings do not have coronary heart disease. Other important considerations are how many generations of breeders’ kennels have been formally tested, and how free the breeders are to provide information to others.

Ensure the safety of the growth environment of Kuvasz

Although responsible breeders try to reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease by raising animals without coronary heart disease, Kuvasz‘s owners can also do something to help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Environmental impacts, such as injuries. Kuvasz was injured when the owner put the dog on a slippery floor. Kuvasz’s excessive movement. Kuvasz didn’t get enough exercise. Kuvasz’s inappropriate movement. The buttocks are the important cause of bad diet. No breeder can absolutely guarantee that every Kuvasz puppy has a normal hip. However, after only providing puppies from healthy, qualified breeders, the breeder should also be able to help you provide a summary of the proper diet and environment, and you can do something to help your puppies reduce any potential risks.


Check Kuvasz’s health regularly

Many Kuvasz does not show any clinical symptoms of the disease until old age. Sadly, Kuvasz, who is severely stunted, needs surgery or euthanasia. That’s why responsible breeders are trying to eliminate coronary heart disease. Fortunately, various types of congenital heart disease surgery have made great progress, so that dogs with severe dysplasia have a long and painless life. Each breed club decides which tests to perform on its breed. In 2003, the kuvasz Club KCa decided to require the hip, elbow and thyroid. Eye, patella, and heart tests are also recommended, but a chic certification number is not required.