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What are the effects of Corgi’s diet on teeth?

The quality of daily diet will have a great impact on the health of corgi dogs. For corgi dogs, food is the basic source of energy for a day. Therefore, many owners will attach great importance to the quality of food they feed to their corgi dogs. However, when the owners pay attention to the quality of food, they also need to consider whether the food has an impact on the health of the dog’s teeth.


1、 Dry food is more beneficial

Generally speaking, feeding dry dog food is better than feeding wet dog food or canned food. Because the texture of dry food is hard, corgi dogs can scrape the surface of teeth clean at the same time, while wet dog food or canned food does not have this function, and it is easy It builds upon the teeth. In fact, the teeth of a corgi dog need to be honed frequently. However, many owners feel distressed when they see that they chew dry dog food, and then they will soften the dog food or feed it directly to wet food or canned food. But in fact, it will hurt them, do you know?

2、 Quantitative, quantitative

There are a lot of owners, I don’t know if it’s because of laziness that they put dog food there 24 hours a day to let corgi dogs eat whenever they want to, but it’s not good to do so. Because before Corgi, every time you eat something, the bacteria in your mouth will be more active, which will affect the health of your teeth. But if you feed it twice a day, these bacteria will only be active in these two meals, which will reduce the impact on the teeth.


3、 Corgi was given regular molars

It’s best for the owner to give the dog some thigh bones, dry snacks, or dog chews and molars for Corgi to bite. This not only grinds their teeth but also gives them fun, so they don’t have time to do damage. It can kill two birds with one stone.