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What are the advantages of poodle?

In the past few years, to talk about the most common pet dog in the world, maybe many people would think of the pomegranate. However, due to the impact of TV series and pet dogs in the past few years, the most common pet dog today is the poodle. It is not without reason that the trend of raising poodles can rise. For example, poodles are easy to take care of, have a high intelligence quotient, strong training plasticity, and lovely appearance, which are the reasons why they are so popular.

1. The poodle has a wonderful classic shape

So how does the classic shape of a poodle come from? In fact, the poodle’s hair is not easy to fall off, so they need to trim regularly to make it more convenient to work. So in order to make it easier for the poodle to work in the water, they all chose to shave off the hair on the lower body of the poodle and keep only the fur on the chest, so that the poodle can still keep its temperature in the water.
Shaving the hair around the nose and eyes is to make it easier for the poodle to catch ducks and some valuable food in the water. The reason why the hair on the top of the head is tied in a knot is that the hair on the head may cover the eyes. As a result, this shape has become the most representative poodle shape.

2. The poodle has a high IQ

Although the giant poodle is more suitable for hunting because of its strong body, strong endurance, and strength, no matter the three types of the poodle, such as the giant poodle, a standard poodle, and the mini poodle, have high IQ and excellent learning ability.

3. The poodle has a variety of shapes:

Of course, today’s poodle is not only a royal pet owned by the aristocrats in ancient times, but also famous all over the world for its lovely shape, delicate figure and able to resist all kinds of strange shapes. It has gone to tens of millions of families and become one of them. And poodle dog because of its unique shape and lovely name, as well as a variety of love modeling makes it by a lot of people.