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What are German shepherds known for?

Any owner of a German shepherd will tell you how good their dog is. And there must be something special about this dog because it is currently the second most popular breed state in the United States. So, what’s so special about these puppies? These eight characteristics are very prominent.


(1) German shepherd dog is very clever

German Shepherds are very clever dogs. In fact, according to AKC, they are the third most intelligent dog of all breeds in the world. With their intelligence and sense of responsibility, it’s no wonder that German Shepherds are a popular choice for the police and the military.

(2) German Shepherds are loyal

The loyalty of German shepherds is well known. They love their families unconditionally and become their ultimate partner.

(3) German shepherd will protect you

German Shepherds are proud protectors. Their purpose is to serve the people! So they can be cold to strangers, but as long as they’re not aggressive, there’s nothing to worry about.

(4) No one’s going to mess with you

Let’s face it: German Shepherds look scary. The dogs average 26 inches tall, weigh 100 pounds, and are bulky. Combined with perseverance, firm personality, and steel eyes, it’s no wonder that no one wants to be with German shepherds.


(5) It’s a great German shepherd dog

German shepherd dog is an excellent family dog because of its calm nature, caring disposition, and strong desire to protect relatives.

(6) German Shepherd is a handsome devil

German Shepherds are “really, really beautiful,” with an alert, elongated ears. Deep and affectionate eyes. A thick and beautiful coat in cool colors. It’s amazing!

(7) German shepherd dog is a movie star

German shepherd dog is a popular movie choice. Since the birth of the film, they have starred in dozens of films, including these 10 popular films.

(8) There are never boring moments

With the German shepherd dog, life will never be boring. They need a healthy amount of exercise – at least 30 minutes a day – so you can enjoy a lot of outdoor exercises, walking and walking.