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What are Belgian Malinois like as pets?

The Belgian Malinois dog originated from the Malinois of Belgium. They have a lot of endurance and love to work. Belgian Malinois are both smart and very good at these tasks. In the past few years, with the release of Max, Marinos has become more and more popular.


What kind of pet is Belgian Malinois?

In addition to grazing, they are trained by the police and the army and used in search and rescue missions. Malinois has a short, straight, weather-resistant coat in a variety of colors, including rich Fawn and mahogany. They weigh 61-63 pounds and are part of a herd.
People who are not familiar with the Belgian Malinois often mistake them for German shepherds. However, there are considerable differences in body and temperament between the two breeds.
The Malinois is like a miniature German shepherd with a lighter skeleton. German shepherd dog’s body is square, the body is inclined, the body is square. By contrast, their feet are also lighter.


How to train a Belgian Malinois?

However, they also like tame pets, and they can tame them well when they are noisy and wayward. They are very observant and can even read subtle changes in facial expressions.
The Belgian Marino family is known for keeping pace with trainers. They can actually be one step ahead of the training command.
Although they learn very quickly, if you are the first time to have a dog, the Belgian Malinois is not suitable for you. This is because they are very clever and cunning, and they are easy to move around with first-time dog owners because they lack consistency and experience in dealing with these pests.
Active reinforcement is the most effective way to train Malinoiswans. This is because discipline leads to evasion and resistance.