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Useful tips about choosing healthy dog food


Many people think that dogs can eat anything, so they pay little attention to the rationality of their diet. Most people go directly to pet stores to buy dog ​​food or make simple dog food to feed their dogs. However, if the diet does not satisfy the dog’s needs, it will be wasted. In the long run, it will definitely have a negative impact on the dog’s mood, behavior and health. So, how to choose healthy dog food?

First, read the material carefully.

Almost all dog foods list ingredients and content, and labeling is an important part of the company’s strength. It depends not only on what food to buy, but also on the label which should decide your choices of healthy dog food to some extent.

Avoid choosing dog food that contains corn, wheat and soy.

Because these ingredients are very common in dogs. Allergic reactions in dogs usually manifest as skin irritation, anxiety, and abnormal behavior. If you do not eat these three ingredients, your dog’s diet should be correct.

healthy dog food

Look for the source of the meat on the label.

A better source of meat is chicken, lamb or fish. Please note that the label of healthy dog food indicates pure chicken ingredients or chicken meat products. If the label indicates chicken meat products, you’d better not buy it, because the manufacturer may use chicken bones, chicken heads, chicken feet or other chicken products that do not contain lean protein, so it is not recommended to buy them.

Look for fat sources.

When it comes to fat sources, the owners of dogs ought to read the label of healthy dog food carefully. If it is chicken, the label says chicken fat. If it is lamb, it is referring to sheep fat. If only animal fat is written on the label, it means it may be any animal fat, and not necessarily what you want to buy for your dog.

Find the source of sugar.

As for sugar, dogs don’t need too much, but it should be in the food. Suitable sources of sugar should be wheat and brown rice. If your dog is allergic to wheat or brown rice, you should stop feeding it.

The food health standard for dogs should be less processed, less wasteful ingredients, more lean meat or natural protein, fat and carbohydrates. By observing dogs eating twice a day, we can easily help them live longer, improve their health, and even find abnormal behavior problems. Why not give them healthy dog food? If you feed your dog carefully every day, your dog will live a long and happy life.

Tips: Changing the dog’s eating habits may be a slow process. You can ask a professional veterinarian to help you change it.