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Torkies-Toy Fox Terrier and Yorkie

Torkie is a toy mongrel, a hybrid of Toy Fox Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier. These puppies usually weigh three to seven pounds. They have short to long silky fur that torkie needs to brush occasionally. The colors of torkie are black, black and tan, blue, brown and white.


The shape of a torkie

Torkie is a half-breed. He’s a hybrid of Toy Fox Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier. Torkie is very petite, usually with six to nine inch shoulders. They weigh 7 to 10 pounds and have shoulders 8 to 9 inches high. Females tend to be as big as males. These brave puppies are close to their owners and can protect them. They are not suitable for families with children because they may be a little bit cold. Their small size makes them an ideal apartment dog.

Torkie’s temperament

Torkie is an odd little hybrid, a 50/50 combination of Yorkshire Terrier (York) and Smooth Fox Terrier. This is a very strong personality of the dog, mainly as a companion animal born. Fur can be long or short, but tends to mimic Yorker rather than Fox Terrier. This lively dog has a pair of big eyes and a bigger heart. It likes to play and hug with its owner all day, but it does have an independent character, which will keep any owner alert. Sound from time to time and relatively vibrant, smooth torches can be few, but with long daily walks and some high quality training time, this breed makes a terrifying family pet. He gets along well with older children, but when it comes to other dogs, it’s better to socialize with them early and supervise them often, because he may be a little sensitive. Overall, if you are looking for a puppy who is determined, energetic, and ready to do anything smoothly, tokie may be perfect for you.

Parent varieties of Torkie

As a design dog breed, torkie is not purebred. It’s a hybrid of two purebred parents. The parents of the hybridized dogs are – you guessed it – a Yorkshire hound and a Toy Fox Hound. These two small but stylish dogs produce a dynamic toy dog. In most cases, hybrids offer the best in the world, one gold in the middle of the two stalks, if you like. Buy a Torkie.
Needless to say, there are a lot of paws that like slovenly and cheeky puppies, so these new rare hybrids soon became popular. However, despite all their qualities, Torkie is not an ideal match for every family and living condition. To learn more about these dogs and whether they’re right for you, read on!

Things to consider when choosing a torkie


Only purebred dogs are eligible for official pedigree certification. Their genealogy was carefully recorded to prove their complete pedigree and good reproduction. With designer dogs, things are a little different. Even if you get a torkie from a breeder instead of adopting one, there’s probably no proof of pedigree. However, if this kind of thing is important to you, the purebred parents of your mongrel will have them. Torkie is a mix of Yorkshire hounds and Toy Foxhounds. Of course, parents will have a great influence on the dog’s appearance and behavior. You have to find a reputable breeder who will carefully select his torkie and take care of his cubs instead of buying a puppy from a pet store or dog mill. If you’re from a shelter or rescue team and don’t know much about his parents, don’t worry. We know enough about our parents to know what their combination will bring. As the offspring of two species of hounds that hunt insects for a living, torkie will have a strong appetite for food and a lot of energy. Torkie won’t grow very big, because mom and dad are toy sized. Thanks to decades of selection breeding of parent varieties, torkie will also be ideal for the role of mate and pet.