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Torkie temperament

Torkie’s temperament is dynamic. Torkie can quickly change from a relaxed character to a passionate character. It inherits this characteristic from its parents, which makes it an ideal choice for urban people.


Torkie’s temperament makes her a good watchdog

Few torkies can build a unique relationship with one person in the family, while other dogs can connect with the whole family. Like its parents, torkie is hard to mix with other pets in the family because of her possessiveness for toys and owners. If it finds any suspicious activity in its territory, this temperament of torkie will immediately inform its owner, which makes it an ideal watchdog. A dog can adapt to any living environment as long as it has a lovely owner.

Torkie’s temperament makes torkie an ideal apartment dog

Lovely little torkie adores his master. He is a perfect pet dog. This temperament of torkie is happy to sit on the master’s lap or cuddle up to her side. He’s smart and easy to train, not like York. This temperament of torkie can also learn skills and enjoy fun grabbing games. This temperament of torkie requires little exercise, which makes him an ideal apartment dog. Torkie’s not very nice to kids. He’s going to be cold and moody. This temperament of torkie is also very protective of the host, if someone close to it, it will use roar and bite to protect its beloved master.

Torkie’s temperament makes her clingy

Every dog is unique – their genes, lifestyles, and a lot of early training and social activities have a significant impact on their temperament and behavior. Of course, most torkie people usually have some general ones.
Personality traits, which is due to their unusual origin. As their parents, this temperament of torkie will be lively, cheerful dog, full of love for their family. Torkie of this temperament will take every opportunity to nestle up to you and expect to be loved in return.

Torkie has a curious temperament

Smart and curious, your torkie will have a high prey drive and will try to chase small animals. It’s important to know because you shouldn’t let them in unsafe areas or backyards without proper fencing belts. This temperament of torkie may be a Velcro when you’re inside, but once they see a tempting squirrel, they run away.

Torkie’s temperament is very active

Torkie is passionate, loyal to a mistake, alert and distrustful of strangers. All this made him a great watchdog. If there is something suspicious or someone is coming, he will let you know, but be sure to monitor whether their vigilance becomes uneasy. You don’t want your neighbors to complain! Like their parents, torkie can easily transform from their passionate personality into a way to relax and relax, which makes them an ideal choice for people living in urban areas. Although some people like only a few people, others connect with the whole family. Buy a Torkie.

Torkie’s temperament makes her suitable for families with children


This temperament of torkie may have a strong possessive desire for the owner and toys, just like their parents, which may make it difficult for them to mix with other pets in the family. Although this temperament of torkie is cheerful and confident, if they see a stranger or any suspicious activity, this temperament of torkie will still remind their host. This puppy needs moderate exercise because it’s already very active. However, outdoor walking or daily games are necessary to stay happy. Although they are very flexible dogs, this temperament of torkie may be difficult to train and may not be the best choice for an inexperienced dog owner. They are very suitable for families with children because they are lively, outgoing and like to play. Torkie, also known for her intelligence and alertness, is suitable for apartment dwellers because they don’t need much exercise.