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Tips for keeping an Alaskan Malamute

Nowadays, more and more people choose to keep Alaskan dogs. Although Alaska is powerful, handsome, and pleasant, there is much practical breeding trouble, like their owners can be well considered before action. So what are some of the things we should be aware of when raising Alaskan dogs?


1. Alaskan dogs are afraid of heat:

Alaska was originally living in the cold areas of the dog, they are naturally cold and afraid of heat, a thick coat is to protect against the cold and born, so very afraid of the heat. By summer, Alaska is hot enough to stretch its tongue and breathe, and by summer it’s hot enough to want to stay in the fridge. If we had Alaska in our house, we would have to keep the house warm in the summer. We would have to turn on the air-conditioning all day, which would be quite an expense.

2. Alaskan dogs shed easily:

Alaskans are shaggy dogs and have a lot of hair, which means they lose a lot of hair. Especially in the spring and autumn season, if we do not clean in time, I am afraid the home will be flying around the dog hair. As a large dog, Alaska’s hair can be said to be a lot of thick, the owner may have more trouble.

3. Alaskan Malamutes exercise a lot:

Alaska is one of the sled dogs, its exercise can be more than the average dog, if the owner can not satisfy it, the final disaster maybe their own home. So in Alaska, we take two hours out of the day to play with it, and we play with it a little bit more, or else it will find something to play with, and it has no idea how expensive your furniture is.


4. Alaskan dogs are hard to control:

Although Alaska is more docile to the person, they are indolent by nature, do not like to be restrained, so it is still very difficult to discipline. And Alaska is relatively large, dogs are generally no match for them, if the master failed to restrain them, or they do not obey their master’s command, the consequences are still very much the master headache. It’s best for Alaskan owners to train them from an early age to follow your orders.

5. Taking care of  an Alaskan Malamute is experience:

Alaska as a large dog, in the breeding, is also a certain degree of difficulty, first of all, they eat largely, food is about twice the size of the Golden Dog, want to raise people can be prepared. And Alaska’s health is not good, easy to get sick, see a doctor is also a big expense. In addition to these two major expenses, Alaska also spends a lot more on bathing and toys than any other small dog.