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Tips for Corgi wearing

The temperature keeps falling in winter. Every time we go out, it seems like a physiological test. We are eager to wrap all the clothes we can wear. We also like to put Corgi in plush and lovely clothes. Nowadays, there are more and more warm clothes for dogs in pet shops and night markets. The style is novel and changeable, which can meet the needs of different dogs. Lovely, festive, Cosplay, and so on. They are very nice to wear in Corgi.


Although Corgi’s clothes can help it to shape if the owner does not pay attention to the care of the hair when dressing, it is easy to unconsciously cause serious knotting, skin inflammation, inconvenience of movement and other problems of the corgi dog, and on the contrary, he will lose a great deal because of the small.

Which Corgi should be dressed?

Because some parts of the area are not very cold, so most corgi dogs can endure the winter. However, if it is a small dog, thin, sick (such as heart disease, trachea collapse, and other diseases sensitive to temperature changes), or old corgi dogs, these dogs usually have poor resistance to low temperature. When the cold current comes, the owner should take measures to keep warm. In addition to using insulation pads, heaters, or lights, helping your dog get dressed can also help.


How can corgi be healthy with clothes?

Whether you want to keep it warm or just want to look cute, just let the dog dress, you should pay attention to the following points. For hairy koji owners, it’s best to cut short hair before dressing their dogs. Because long hair under the clothes will be easy to knot, not only will be difficult to comb, long will also cause bad skin, easy to cause skin diseases. Feed mainly for Corgi to choose a breathable material. As human beings, Corgi’s skin will be stuffy if he wears airtight and poorly made clothes! Corgi should not wear it more than 24 hours a day. It is better to take off his clothes for a period of time every day. At this time, the owner can help the dog comb his hair and let his skin breathe. For Corgi, who doesn’t like to walk after wearing clothes, the owner should try to reduce the time of dressing, and only wear it when it is really cold, so as not to cause insufficient exercise for the dog.
In fact, Corgi’s natural hair is already very gorgeous and beautiful, but with beautiful clothes, the degree of loveliness is even higher. Of course, if the owner wants to let the dog have a warm and windy winter, he must master the skills of dressing. Don’t let the clothes harm the health of Corgi’s skin!