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Three Types Of Small Dogs

Cute dog breeds will be pursued by more people, especially some small furry dogs, petite and cute. But different kinds of tiny dog ​​breeds have different personality characteristics. In order to have a better understanding of various types of small dogs, this article mainly introduces toy dogs, mini golden retriever and mini Australian shepherd, which are three types of tiny dog ​​breeds that have attracted much attention, hoping it will be helpful to tiny dog lovers.


Mini golden retriever


Height: 14-20 inches

Weight: 20-50 pounds

Lifespan: 10-15 years

Group: Not applicable

Best for: For the first time there is a dog owner, a family with children and other pets, the owner is looking for a low-loss dog.

Temperament: Smart, loyal, obedient, affectionate

Comparable Breeds: Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel

Basic knowledge of mini golden retriever

The Mini Golden Retriever not only has the gentlre and loving nature of the Golden Retriever, but also combines the lively spirit of the Cocker Spaniel and the low shedding characteristics of the Mini Poodle. It is definitely a friendly, enthusiastic type of small dogs.

Golden Retriever’s diet

The mini golden retriever is a medium-sized dog and needs a high-quality food that can reflect its age, size and activity level. Because the mini golden retriever has a tendency to get fat, he should eat separately every day. It is best not to feed him casually. Kibble is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and low in carbohydrates, which will make the mini golden retriever want to overeat.

Golden retriever sports requirements

Mini golden retriever is an energetic type of small dog, your dog needs at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, which includes long walks, hiking or running. Going to the local dog park for active fishing activities will help break the routine and keep this golden retriever healthy and healthy.

Miniature Australian Shepherd

three-types-of-small-dogsGroup: Animal Husbandry Dog Group

Height: 33 to 45.7 cm

Weight: 28 to 35 kg

Hair: Double long hair

Color: Black, Red, Blue merle, Red merle, Red merle

Life expectancy: 12 to 13 years

The history of the Mini Australian Shepherd

Mini Australian Shepherd and Australian Shepherd, both of their predecessors came from a shepherd dog brought by Australian immigrants, and other dog breeds were added in the breeding process, such as Pyrenean Shepherd, Border Collie, etc. . After the stability of the Australian Shepherd, some people began to breed mini versions of it. This mini version is probably the type of tiny dogs that many people dream of before. Compared with the large-framed Australian Shepherd, the mini is very petite and cute.

Personality characteristics of Mini Australian Shepherd

The mini-type inherits the optimistic character of the Australian Shepherd, and of course has a very good amount of exercise. Although it is only a medium-sized dog, its exercise capacity is comparable to that of a large dog. Not only that, but Mini Australian Shepherd’s endurance and livestock abilities are also very impressive. Some foreign owners will put their dogs in the yard and let them exercise in the yard to satisfy their own exercise capacity.

Because the Mini Australian Shepherd has a strong driving force for herding, it is not suitable for raising with other small animals. If there are cats in the house, dogs may chase them all the time, trying to circle them. If you want to get rid of the bad habit of Mini Australian Shepherd, you should start to adapt it to living with other small animals when it is young and slowly correct it.

Toy dog ​​breeds



The poodle is one of the famous tiny toy dog ​​breeds. The poodle has good temperament and is easy to approach people. It is a very loyal dog breed. The poodle is a very active, alert and graceful dog breed. It has good body proportions and vigorous movements, showing a confident posture.

After the poodle is trimmed and carefully groomed in the traditional way, the poodle will show its inherent unique and noble temperament. Its appearance is as cute as the dolls in the toy store, and it is a popular type of toy dog ​​breeds.


Chihuahuas are vigilant and resemble terriers. Chihuahuas have a tough will, smart and extremely loyal, agile, lively, very brave, and can defend themselves in front of big dogs. It is more afraid of the cold and should not be kept in an outdoor kennel. You need to wear a coat to keep out the cold in winter.

Chihuahuas are the smallest of tiny toy dog ​​breeds. They have a tough will, grace, alertness, and quick action. Such toy dog ​​breeds are widely loved by people for their well-proportioned physique and petite body.


Papillons are very gentle and kind, and they are very easy to get close to their owners. In the eyes of their owners, Papillons are very gentle and very intelligent pet dogs. The most distinguishing feature of the Papillon is its ears, which are large and upright, just like butterfly wings. After a later improvement and breeding, it became the current big straight ears, which also makes the Papillon look like a butterfly with its wings spread out.


The Pomeranian‘s body is covered with very thick and thick hair, and its fluffy coat is very beautiful and charming. Pomeranians belong to tiny dog ​​breeds, so purebred high-quality Pomeranians will not grow too large.

The Pomeranian is very popular with girls because of its cute appearance. Its fluffy hair looks like a toy doll. It is definitely a popular type of small toy dog ​​breeds.



The Havanese has a docile personality, gets along well with children, is lively and cute, and is a kind of tender and lovely tiny dog ​​breeds. In addition to a good personality, the Havanese has a very beautiful hair. All colors include from pure white to cream, champagne, golden, black, silver, chocolate, etc.

Havana is a satisfying, friendly, and strong short-legged type of small toy dog ​​breeds. Havanese are relatively tiny dog ​​breeds, with long hair, like a furry toy, very cute.

There are many small dog breeds, such as Shih Tzu, Lap Dog, Crested Dog, Little Manchester, Foxhound, Welsh Corgi, Cocker Spaniel, etc.

With the rapid development of modern society, economic capacity has also increased, more and more people are beginning to like to keep pets, and the number of lovers of small dogs has generally increased. As a loyal friend of mankind, pet dogs approach people’s vision.