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Things that puppies can’t eat

Nowadays, domestic pet puppies are basically omnivores. Some are fed puppy food, some are fed raw meat, and some are fed homemade puppy food! Some shit shovel officers usually feed the puppy some vegetables or fruits. In fact, in addition to eating puppy food, puppies occasionally add some vegetables or fruits to supplement the puppy’s nutrition. Then which foods should not be eaten by puppies?

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Can puppies eat Grapes?

NO. The components of grapes can cause kidney failure and vomiting in puppies. Some people’s puppies accidentally ate grapes without experiencing any significant side effects, but some puppies may even be life-threatening if they eat grapes.

Because each puppy’s physique and resistance are different, even so, we still don’t feed the puppy grapes!

Can puppies eat onions?

In addition to onions, there are peppers, green onions, leeks, ginger, garlic, these seasonings are not for puppies. Onions or leeks can destroy a puppy’s blood cells, causing anemia and irreparable damage to their kidneys.

There may also be signs of weakness, difficulty breathing, fatigue, and experiencing vomiting and hematuria. This is the deadly killer of pet puppies!

Can puppies eat Xylitol, coffee, chocolate, tea?

NO, these foods all contain theobromine and caffeine, these things will endanger the life of the puppy, and the higher the purity of chocolate and coffee, the more deadly, so you must not feed it puppies, especially those who eat snacks or cakes containing chocolate, must be careful not to be eaten by puppies!

And as long as 1/4 teaspoon of xylitol can cause liver failure in large puppies like Labrador, small puppies cannot afford even 1 gram.

Can puppies eat  Beer, beverages, soft drinks?

Of course not. All alcoholic beverages contain alcohol, and many carbonated beverages contain caffeine.

For example, we often drink Sprite and Coke, etc. You can go to see the ingredients, and caffeine and alcohol are very bad for puppies!

Can puppies eat Mushrooms, pomegranates, raw potatoes?

NO! Even cooked mushrooms are not easy for puppies to digest and absorb. Eat a mushroom, it can pull out a mushroom for you. It is important to be cautious that after eating the familiar mushroom taste, puppies will accidentally eat poisonous mushrooms in the wild, and may begin to have seizures, organ failure, vomiting, coma, diarrhea, and other symptoms!

Most puppies will get sick if they eat a pomegranate. This is because the edible part of pomegranate contains seeds, which are difficult for puppies to digest. puppies who eat pomegranate often cause vomiting or stomach pain!

Raw potatoes and potato skins, sprouted potatoes, and bean sprouts, all contain solanine that causes vomiting, diarrhea, and abnormal heartbeat in puppies. Raw potatoes also contain harmful oxalates, which can cause problems in the puppy’s kidneys, digestive tract, and nervous system. Potatoes can be eaten less if they are peeled and cooked!

Can puppies eat Animal liver and raw eggs?

Eat fewer foods like offal as much as possible and not excessive. Some will feed beef liver and chicken liver every day. Although it is cheap, the animal liver is rich in vitamin A. 

Occasionally ingested is good for puppies and harmless. Long-term liver feeding can cause vitamin A overdose and even poisoning, and vitamin A. It will inhibit the absorption and activation of vitamin D, and lack of vitamin D will lead to calcium deficiency. Symptoms can manifest as osteoporosis, joint warts, and spinal lesions.

It is best not to exceed 50 grams of the total amount of animal liver fed every week.

Raw eggs usually contain germs, such as Salmonella and E. coli, and raw protein also contains a kind of avidin, which will deplete the vitamin H in the puppy’s body and affect the absorption of vitamin B. 

A lack of vitamin H may cause puppies to shed hair, deformed bones, growth retardation, and skin problems, so don’t give your puppy raw eggs, just eat cooked ones!

The above are the more common foods that cannot be given to puppies in life. I hope everyone can avoid them.