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The taboos of raising the Pomeranian

Pomeranian’s character is lively and active, so we should let it go out for a walk every day. In order to maintain the beauty of Pomeranian, we also have to Pomeranian hair trimming every week. Pomeranian’s claws also grow quickly and require regular pruning. Pomeranian was a proud, spoiled Brat who needed to be coddled rather than condoned to avoid disobeying orders later. Pomeranians have delicate bones in their limbs, so we want to avoid accidental injuries such as broken bones from jumping.


No training Pomeranians:

Pomeranian is not suitable for the busy life of people feeding, and not suitable to get along with children. Pomeranian was born with pride, so dog owners must not indulge it, to train strictly from an early age, can not make him used to disobey orders. Take care of Bomei will have a proper feeding, feeding first we have to a fixed time and fixed location, can not give Bomei eat too much or eat too much. We can prepare some clean water every day so that Pomeranian can drink at any time. We have to train it to eat slowly. Besides, once the Pomeranian has finished eating, we must take the bowl away from him so that he doesn’t have time to come back and eat it. We need to feed Pomeranian on a regular, regular, balanced diet. If a dog is picky about what he eats, he’s going to lose his balance. We don’t want to overfeed the dog. We just want to split it 70/80. We strictly prohibit feeding bad food, every time feeding had better wash food basin, this can prevent diarrhea or food poisoning.

No Bathing Pomeranian:

We’re going to bathe Pomeranian. We have to do it quickly. After giving the Pomeranian a bath, we should blow-dry in time with the hairdryer, so as not to let it catch a cold. After a bath we do not let it expose to the sun immediately, or a return to a cool place does not adapt to a cold. I make sure to put a towel on the bottom of the Pomeranian’s cage. If it walks or plays on the floor or on the carpet, it will keep Pomeranian’s limbs intact. Pomeranian is a very small dog, so you don’t need a lot of exercises every day, just a small area of your daily life where you can run and jump.
Pomeranian is a very petite dog, so in the daily feeding must pay more attention. We have made some brief introduction to the taboo of keeping Pomerantz. Dog Owners can take more careful care of their Pomerantz according to what they know. They should also be scientific and healthy in feeding, this lovely little Pomeranian can grow up healthy and happy.


Here are some things you should know about Pomeranians:

1. Pomeranian doesn’t require a lot of food and eats very little, but we should never feed pomeranian bones, which can be damaged by broken bones.
2. During the feeding process, we should try to control the amount of Pomeranian food, the best to maintain a full seven to eight, otherwise, it may cause the dog’s obesity problem. We had better be able to eat regular meals from an early age. We should not indulge them in the bad habit of picky eating at an early age. We should pay attention to nutrition in the feeding process, pay attention to calcium and vitamins in feeding.
3. We don’t need to be very diligent about bathing the Pomeranian, once a week or twice a week, and also pay attention to cleaning the dog’s ears and anal glands after a bath, if we don’t help the dog clean his ears for a long time, may cause the breeding of parasites such as ear mites, which can make the dog sick.
4. We can help Pomeranian deworming by giving Pomeranian an insect repellent or by applying a masseter muscle to prevent the parasite. We must not forget to take Pomerantz to the pet hospital for vaccination.