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The Reasons Behind Dogs’”Bad Habits”

As owners who often accompany dogs, will we have misunderstandings with dogs? That won’t work! We have to spend so long together, what if we are separated from the dog because of a misunderstanding? Today I will tell you a few things that we can easily misunderstand about dog habits that we think it’s bad!

1. Protecting food is not a bad thing for your dog, it is just an instinct! 

In the past, the ancestors of dogs belonged to wild animals when they were not domesticated by humans. Because of the lack of food, they live a life of weak and strong food. In order to survive, dogs often choke to death for a little food. This causes them to maintain a high degree of vigilance even after being domesticated by humans, but they still retain this instinct.

Dogs with feeding problems can be corrected by the following methods:

When feeding the dog, give it several times to let it know that you are the one who gave it food, not the one who grabbed it.

Put the food on your hands to feed, and slowly establish an intimate relationship with it.

When the dog is eating, gently pet the dog to relax and adapt to your presence. Gradually desensitize.

Don’t always say that the dog is bad, people are quite simple! In fact, dogs are also animals that are happy to share!

2. Strange dogs are never welcome at home!

When a friend comes, I just pinch, why is my dog ​​so stingy! Come on, isn’t this another misunderstanding? It’s not that dogs don’t welcome strange dogs to the house, but because they need a process to adapt to new friends. First of all, dogs are territorially conscious animals! This makes them very sensitive to their own sites. The dog doesn’t know that the “guest” will leave but thinks that this product will live here forever, to divide the owner’s grace and his own dog food. Then if I don’t beat you, who else will you beat? Dogs are actually very social animals, but dogs also follow rules in socializing! We humans don’t go to hot pot with friends we just met!

3. Disobeying the instructions again, it must be deliberate!

Obviously learned all kinds of instructions, but it just doesn’t obey, is it on purpose? Not intentional at all! The disobedience is because the dog’s brain is not enough. Sometimes, the dog is not “deciding to disobey the order”, but it doesn’t understand what you let it do, so it can’t do it! They may not know that we are giving orders. Or there is something more important for them to do, for example, there are other things that attract the dog’s attention. Moreover, dogs are not good at summarizing information, and effective instructions at home may be attracted to all kinds of new things when going out, and they will not obey! Don’t be so harsh with dogs. When we humans play games, sometimes we can’t even hear our mother shouting to eat! The most important thing in raising a dog is patience. Any habit of raising Chengdu takes time!

4. Why are you shit all over again?

The dog always shit when I’m not at home. Is this guy taking revenge on me because I scolded him last time? ? Wrong, wrong, how can a dog know what strike and revenge are. Because for a dog, excretion is just a normal phenomenon. When you are not at home, it feels lonely and uneasy, and sometimes it thinks of using excretion to make the room more of its own smell. Create a sense of security for yourself! Slowly teach the dog how to excrete at a fixed point. With more patience, the dog can learn not to pull at home!

5. Always lick your nose, is your nose too dry?

They often get cold from the big wet nose of dogs. Do these little guys often lick their noses just to keep their noses moist? In fact, there is a secret behind this little behavior of Gouzi!

Keep your nose moist. Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, and moist noses are more likely to perceive odors. If the nose is too dry, it will reduce the dog’s ability to recognize odors. At this time, the dog will “lick the nose” to increase the “nose humidity.” Relieve anxiety. Dogs will constantly lick their noses to soothe their emotions and relax when they are upset. Especially when you force them to do things they don’t like, they have this behavior, expressing that they are doing things they don’t like.


Dogs will learn and analyze human language and emotional performance. We humans do not understand the language of dogs, and we can only judge some of their mental activities by their performance and behavior. With these explanations of dogs’ habits, you may feel guilty for blaming him or her before. We just need a little more patience to get to know our hairy children, and don’t misinterpret them anymore!