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The Practice of Making Homemade Dog Food for Siberian Husky

When we were raising Husky, it was supposed to be mostly commercial dog food, but some friends thought it would be better if we made our own dog food: We bought all the food we could eat. One of the benefits of homemade dog food is that it’s more affordable. Here are a few ways to make nutritious dog food to help Husky’s adult dog owners:


1. Tips for Husky’s homemade dog food:

First of all, we prepare a variety of feed before feeding Husky to go through certain processing. In particular, we don’t want to feed Husky leftovers that could puncture Husky’s mouth and stomach with a razor-sharp fishbone. We also want to prevent the harmful effects of harmful substances on dogs.

Second, we should be careful not to let Husky eat too salty, so as not to reduce the appetite of dogs, serious can lead to Husky salt poisoning.

We need to make dog food all kinds of vegetables and viscera are washed with water, chopped cooked, then mixed with vegetables, boil for a short time, make it into a mixed broth.

The most important thing is to keep food fresh and clean, especially for Husky puppies. Because the puppy’s gastrointestinal function is weak.

Finally, we must not feed raw meat to Husky’s dogs to prevent parasites and infections. Domestic dogs may not have the same gastrointestinal function as wild dogs, but it’s okay to occasionally eat raw fish or meat to improve your dog’s appetite.


2.  Four recommended homemade dog food recipes:

Recipe 1: Meat 100G, vegetable 100G, rice 150g, corn 150g, sorghum 50g, plus a little bone meal, a little fish floss, a little salt.

Recipe 2: Lean Meat 500 grams, 250 grams of rice and wheat, 200 grams of vegetables, a little salt.

Recipe 3:500 grams of ground beef, 500 grams of Millet, 150 grams of vegetables, a little salt, mixed cooked into rice balls, fed in stages.

Recipe 4: Beef 350G, Rice 250G, flour 300G, vegetables 400g, milk dregs 100g, animal fat 10g, Cod Liver Oil 8g, Yeast 6G, carrot 60g, salt 10g, bone meal 14g.

3. Reduce nutrient consumption

When we make dog food for Husky Darling, we have to process and produce it, which inevitably depletes the nutrients in the food. For example, meat loses about 18% of its nutrients, while fish loses about 35%-40%. Vegetables lose about 15% of their nutrients, and legumes lose about 10%. In order to avoid, or reduce, the loss, we must pay attention to the following methods, so that dogs can eat more comprehensive homemade dog food. When we make meat, in order to keep protein as a nutrient, parents can wash the meat with cold water first, but the time of soaking can not be too long, the time of boiling can not be too long, it can kill bacteria very well, the cook is appropriate, avoid too cooked. In order to ensure the full use of nutrition.