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The Practice of Making Homemade Dog Food for Samoyeds

We can give samoyed dogs chicken breast and vegetable chicken meatballs to help them refuel. Let’s take a look at how it’s made. It’s super easy, and Samoyed loves it. Chicken breast is low in fat, high in protein, low in oil, and healthy!


1. Vegetable Chicken meatballs

Vegetable Chicken Ball Material: a Carrot, a chicken breast, cabbage amount, flour, cornflour can, amount. Cabbage can be replaced with a favorite vegetable for your dog, or if you want to use other meats.

Step one, we will peel carrots chopped or broken, chopped cabbage, sliced chicken breast on the pot steam for about 20 minutes.
Step 2, we will be cooked chicken breast cut into small pieces, minced meat, and cooked chopped carrots, cabbage together into a large bowl. Add flour, can be ordinary flour, cornflour, we can also put ordinary flour and cornflour. Powder to the right amount, we have to wear gloves, side plus kneading, not too wet, can be rubbed into a ball on it.

Step three, we put into the small ball size as far as possible, so put into the oven easier to bake evenly, or easy to bake cooked large, small will burn. Preheat oven to 180 degrees, double tubing, 30 minutes.

Step 4: Out of the oven, cool, and then you can feed samoyed dogs. We can find a can can can can be sealed to place the meatball, it is better to preserve some, do not make too much at a time, eat as soon as possible is better, because there is no preservatives and additives, shelf life certainly can not be compared with the snacks bought outside Oh.

2. Dried chicken breast:

Next is the preparation of chicken breast jerky steps and methods, the material is chicken breast, there is no other. Wash and slice the chicken breast, and make sure to slice it evenly. Cut into the size of your dog’s mouth. Large dogs can be cut larger, small dogs on the smaller. Like to toast the crisp point on the slice, do not want to bake so crisp cut a little thick a little bit, mainly thin uniform! Then spread the chicken breast evenly on the grill of the oven, the oven preheats 200 degrees, double-pipe, 25-30 minutes, according to the thickness of time to time, if the time does not feel good, can add time. Put it out to cool, then the dog can eat it, you can pick it up on a baking tray and let it dry overnight, it becomes real meat jerky.

It’s even more convenient if you have a food dryer at home. Let’s just air dry the brisket into a dried brisket. If you don’t have an oven, try a microwave oven for 800W, 10 minutes or so. A normal-sized chicken breast can produce about 60 grams of Jerky. You can do the math yourself.


Home-made food is not cheaper than the food sold outside, but it is full of love for Samoyed. In particular, the chicken Jerky is mainly removed from the water for our preservation, made out of only about a third of the finished product, suitable for the dog to satisfy the taste. Our two wangs are used to eating meat when they come back from their daily walks, so I cook them twice a week, grilling two plates at a time, about two chicken breasts, and sometimes boil the rest for them to eat with a dog food.

We can prepare some sealed jars and store ready-made snacks, which will be easier to keep. Don’t do too much at a time, just enough for a week. The advantages of homemade snacks really too much, clean health, what is inside their own heart is very clear, size, uh, can also be based on the needs of their own dogs to master.