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The practice of making homemade dog food for golden retrievers

Some golden retriever owners treat their golden retrievers as if they were their own children. We can cook for your dog and make some homemade treats. All for the healthy and happy growth of dogs. Parents are also delighted to see their dogs eat all of their homemade treats. Today we have homemade dog food for golden retrievers.

1. Prepare raw materials

We need 850 grams of beef, 350 grams of salmon, 15 egg yolks, 3 carrots, 1 piece of cabbage, 1 piece of broccoli, 3500 grams of chicken, a little seaweed, 750 grams of cornmeal, 250 grams of oatmeal, 400 grams of pumpkin.


2. Homemade golden retrievers food

We should first soak all the vegetables in water for 30 minutes to remove the pesticide residues. Be sure to remove the bad parts from the beef and chicken, and then use a blender to break up the ingredients. It’s important to note that vegetables such as cabbage should be shredded, but carrots should be skimmed first, beef, chicken, and salmon should be mashed. Finally, mix all the ingredients together. Then we mix the rest of the oatmeal with the egg yolk; Add the top ingredients to the cornmeal; Finally, the two are mixed together for a comprehensive blend. Be sure to mix all the ingredients together, and to be very even, finally knead into a small rice ball, rice ball size we can according to their own food and weight to determine the golden hair. Then we put the small rice balls into the steamer, just like we usually steam the steamed buns, but the length of time depends on the size of the small rice balls. Smaller rice balls can be steamed for about 20 minutes, and larger ones for about 40 minutes. Finally, after the pot is lifted, we cool all the small rice balls and cut them into small pieces. That’s it. The dog can eat it. There may also be owners who like baked goods for their golden retriever. So we buy an oven, and we can turn the temperature to 70 degrees, put the rice balls in the oven, and after 12 hours of baking, it becomes another delicious snack.


Here’s another way to make golden retrievers food. First of all, we still have two centimeters carrots cut into small pieces, and their pet like to eat big also can become larger, first of all, the vegetables for making this can turn a small fire pot choke up, sterilization in the process of gradually ripe, we can go to cut the cabbage, to cut the strip is ok, a little bit longer, it can also promote intestinal peristalsis, the dog’s intestines and stomach is very good, and other ingredients are ready, have to go into the pot making, also want to increase the fire, add some warm water, at the same time can put some chopped pork liver go, stir in 4 ~ 5 eggs, Because of egg yolk is particularly high in fat, so I can only add egg white, stir the water boiled, so that we can smell very sweet, because appearance is white, so we’re going to add some soy sauce and oyster sauce, the dog is very like the color of food, we’re going to wash the pot after finishing, and physical cooling to wait for him, we put the dog food made from a variety of shapes, finally dried in the sun, very much like the dog food to buy dog food. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.