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The Practice of Making Homemade Dog Food for Alaskan Malamute

Many pet owners are not particularly fond of dog food. They feel that the commercial food has more or less a lot of water in it and may not be particularly healthy, so some parents want to make homemade dog food for their dogs in Alaska, so how do we do that? Today we’re gonna teach the parents how to make dog food.


Formula One

Ingredients: Frozen Duck, chicken breast 500 grams each; Carrots 750 grams; a big pig bone.

Practice: We first defrost the above materials and then cut them into small pieces of about 2cm. You don’t have to chop up big bones. We blanch the ingredients again, then we chop the carrots and add a little salt. Then we put all the ingredients into the rice cooker, add the right amount of water, we want to water more than all the ingredients 3–4 cm, Cook for one and a half hours. By this time the meat on the big bone was already soft enough to be easily removed. We divide the cooked food into parts after it has cooled and frozen it in the refrigerator. Whenever the dog wants to eat, we can take one out and heat it up. We can mix this soup with dog food for the dog.

Formula Two

Ingredients: Rice 50g; soybean powder 25g; fish 100g; one egg; animal liver 50g; potatoes; chopped vegetables.

Practice: We don’t need to spice it up, but we can make enough for a dog for about a day. Every time the dog eats, we can heat the ingredients, while mixing dog food.


Formula Three

Practice: Corn Flour 1000g; bean flour 500g; beef 2500g; Cabbage One; Carrots 2; Kelp 200g; Egg One; milk one bag; chicken powder small amount.

How to make it: We beat the eggs into the cornmeal and bean flour, then add the milk and continue to stir. Chop the beef, cabbage, carrot, and kelp into the mixture. We can add a little olive oil and mix well, finally, put it into a steamer and steam it for half an hour.

Of course, home-made dog food is for some parents who have time to do it. If some parents have to go to work on weekdays and don’t spend much time at home, then making home-made dog food is really not very long. It’s better to buy dog food and let our Alaskan Malamute eat it, although it is not fresh, the nutrition is still enough.