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The great Pyrenees’ temperaments

Are the Great Pyrenees lazy?

The Great Pyrenees is actually lazy indoors. Now a puppy needs some stimulation, such as toys or nylon ropes, but they are still considered lazy puppies.

Is the Great Pyrenees aggressive?

Because the Pyrenees were bred to drive off predators like wolves, they were aggressive to other dogs, especially males. Their aggression is hard to train, and even the highly socialized Pyrenees sometimes make them aggressive, which seems to be their nature.

Is the Great Pyrenees dangerous?

Many of the Great Pyrenees are very dominant or aggressive towards dogs they don’t know. Some of the Great Pyrenees are not safe with cats.

Is the Great Pyrenees loyal?

The Great Pyrenees is a calm, gentle, affectionate and loyal dog. When necessary, he will protect his sheep or his family, but his usual behavior is calm, patient and tolerant.

Can the Great Pyrenees train?

Only after training and socialization can the Great Pyrenees become family dogs. Although they are very intelligent, their independent nature and stubborn tendency make them more challenging than other varieties.

Is the Pyrenees stubborn?

The Great Pyrenees is very smart. This is usually interpreted as severe stubbornness. Pyrans are used to working alone because they are bred to be alone in the valley with the sheep. So, unlike many other varieties, they don’t always try to please their owners.

Is the Great Pyrenees lovely?

Independence is another typical feature of the Pyrenees. The Great Pyrenees is an instinctive watchdog and a member of the family of domestic animal guardians. The Great Pyrenees are not shepherding dogs but are bred to be alone to protect their sheep in the valley.

Is the Great Pyrenees affectionate?

The Great Pyrenees is probably the most powerful breed extant. Fortunately, this breed is known as the “gentle giant”, and its huge body has a kind nature. They are obedient, loyal, affectionate, but capable of guarding. Adult pears are usually calm by nature and at home.

Do you like to play in the Great Pyrenees?

The Great Pyrenees lab mix. When you cross a Great Pyrenees with a Labrador, you get a very friendly and playful puppy. They are family centered and energetic. You should exercise regularly and brush your teeth every week.


Is the Great Pyrenees ferocious?

Belligerence is not part of the Pyrenees’ character. The temperament of the Great Pyrenees is a controversial topic. The Great Pyrenees breed standard states that a well-balanced, confident Pyrenees mountain will not be aggressive, but will protect his sheep or family if necessary.

Is the Great Pyrenees stupid?

It’s non-stick and can withstand heat, but your Pyrenees may chew it to pieces. There is a reason the Great Pyrenees will not behave like an Australian Shepherd dog. Besides, dogs, like people, are individuals. Members of a “smart” breed can be as dumb as a box of stones for many reasons.

Is the Great Pyrenees a clever dog?

The Great Pyrenees is a clever breed that can become a bit boring too easy. It was originally bred to look at housekeepers, who were used to working and thinking alone. Whether he comes from a range of pet dogs or working dogs, this trait is still strong.

Is the Great Pyrenees a snow dog?

The snowy Great Pyrenees is a powerful and courageous breed with a long pedigree of shepherd dogs on the Pyrenees in France and Spain. With so much fur, no wonder the big white bear likes to cool down in winter!