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The dog’s eye excrement reflects the problem

In general, it is normal for dogs to have eye excrement around their eyes or to have lumps around their eyes. After all, dogs are different from us in that they wash their faces every day, therefore, after a few days of accumulation is likely to cause an eye excrement clumping phenomenon. It’s just that dogs don’t get a lot of eye excrement every day, and if the amount of eye excrement suddenly increases, or if the dog has a different color, it’s likely that there’s something wrong with the dog’s body.


1. The amount of dog eye excrement suddenly increases

Under normal circumstances, dogs do not increase the amount of eye excrement for no reason, usually due to eating problems or diseases caused by eye excrement. If your dog’s food suddenly becomes too salty, it could lead to an increase in eye excrement. If the dog’s eye excrement suddenly a large number of increase and the dog’s eyes also appear Puffy, can not open the phenomenon, then had better cause attention. And we should first think about whether it is caused by infectious diseases, if it is puppy problems, it should be more attention, it is best to send to the hospital as early as possible for examination, to rule out the causes of infectious diseases, and then appropriate treatment.

2. Brown eye discharge in dogs

If something goes wrong with a dog’s eyes, the amount of eye excrement may increase correspondingly and the color is very dark and cloudy, not only in the corners of the eyes but also around the eyes. There are many possible reasons for a dog’s eye problems. It may be due to eating too much salty food or eating too much liver or other food. It may also be due to irritation of the eyes, of course, it’s also possible that a more serious illness is causing an increase in eye discharge or even redness. These health problems will be reflected in the dog excrement, so dog excrement is not allowed to ignore the problem.


3. Treatment

If the dog’s eyes suddenly increase in excrement or red, the owner had better pay attention to see if the dog’s eyes are in tears, eyes are not particularly red, think about what causes it. The owner gives it a little bit of human chloramphenicol eye drops, which usually work for small irritations. The owner usually takes the eye drops for a day, and these conditions can improve quickly. If there is no sign of improvement after a day or two, the owner will need to take the dog to the vet.

Of course, some dogs may be more special, their usual eye excrement is redder, has been so, there is nothing abnormal, then the owner of cleaning dog excrement work is more important, especially for the light-colored long-haired dogs. Long-haired dogs have hair that can easily get into their eyes because of their large amount of hair. We will find that the dog’s eyes are much less sensitive than people, sometimes see his eyes inside a hair, it will not have any uncomfortable performance. But over time, it can lead to eye irritation, which can make the condition worse. So if a dog’s eyes become red or irritated, consider whether there has been a recent change in diet, or if there is redness or inflammation in the eyes, or if there is more than that, other signs of discomfort, then the owner had better send it to the hospital for a check-up and appropriate treatment.