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The Correct Way to Soak Dog Food

Nowadays, most of the family has a dog pet of their own, which is the largest number of dogs, as the saying goes, people take food as the day, dogs also take food as the day. So it’s important for the dog’s food choice. We all know that there is a dizzying variety of dog food on the market today. We finally choose the dog food but do not know how to let the dog eat. In fact, this situation is not bad dog food, we all know that dog food is hard, for the puppy teeth have not yet long enough to bite these too hard dog food, this time what should we do? That’s why we have to soak the dog food in water!

the-correct-way- to-soak-dog-food

What kind of water is the most suitable one to soak dog food?

In fact, there is a lot of knowledge about sparkling dog food, which is generally divided into boiled dog food, warm water, and cold water to soak dog food. So which of these three is better? In general, when we say boiled water, we mean boiled water at 100 degrees Celsius. We all know that the temperature of boiled water is very high. In addition to some micronutrient, there are some other substances that can withstand such a high temperature, most of the protein in our daily diet can not stand such a high temperature. In general, 60 degrees will be too high a temperature and change its characteristics. Other vitamins and other substances can not stand too high a temperature. If we use boiling water to soak the dog food will burn the various nutrients inside the dog food, the dog food will become less nutritious. So in general we do not use boiling water to soak the dog food so that the dog food will become full but no nutritional food.

For cold water-soaked dog food, we generally do not recommend to use, because everyone knows that dog food needs to be soaked soft, cold water is certainly not as fast as hot water-soaked, coupled with the puppy’s stomach is relatively fragile is not suitable to drink cold water, that’s probably because cold water has all sorts of bacteria in it or it’s too cold for the dog to have diarrhea. And everyone knows bubble instant noodles with cold water bubble is not open, even if the bubble is open for a long time is simply can not eat. The same is true of dog food. If you soak it in cold water for a whole day, you may be able to soften the dog food but it becomes a lump? So you can’t soak dog food in cold water.

the-correct-way- to-soak-dog-food

Then the rest is to soak the dog food with warm water, which is what we recommend to you. Generally speaking, we use about 40 degrees, warm water to make dog food. Basically, it takes 10 to 15 minutes for a dog to make dog food. We have to keep an eye on the changes in the dog food while we are soaking it. We can choose to check whether the dog food is properly soaked every five minutes, we can use chopsticks to gently poke the food to see if it is soft enough for the dog to eat. If it doesn’t soften, we can choose to stay in it longer.

How to soak dog food inside consists of a lot of knowledge, so we should also learn humbly to let the dog eat more assured dog food!