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The Brittany dog temperament

Do you know the original name of Brittany Dog is “Brittany hound”? AKC actually removed “Spaniel” from the Brittany Dog’s name as early as 1982, but people still call them Spaniel from time to time. The best way to understand Brittany’s temperament is to analyze her character. The following are some common and prominent behaviors of this variety:

Brittany dogs are active

If you like an active lifestyle, then this is your dog. You can go hiking together, visit the park, or take a long walk every day. In fact, if you don’t give her enough exercise, she will find ways to release excess energy, including becoming a nasty Barker and hyperactive.


Brittany dogs are polite

The better you interact with your Brittany, the more polite and friendly she will be to other people and animals. She can also be a fairly confident dog, but it all depends on her socialization. That’s why it’s important for you to get in touch with her early and often.

Brittany is a sensitive dog

Brittany is not a dog that responds well to harsh treatment. If you scold her for doing something wrong, she may not recover. After all, it’s a dog who can’t even stand the room full of loud voices, let alone those loud voices being directed at her!

Brittany dogs are excitable

Brittany dogs can have a hard time getting out of this. Brittany would become so excited that they would “defecate obediently.”. As you may know, this is when they become very excited, a little urine may slip out. If you don’t scold her, she may be able to overcome that, but some dogs will always have it. The point is, you have to understand that it’s not about her housewife training, it’s just part of her personality.

Brittany is easy to control

Brittany is a submissive dog that can fit into any situation. For example, she can be gentle with her children, or if you like, she can take part in some rough games.


Brittany dogs are smart

Brittany dogs are easy to train because they are smart. They also like to go beyond themselves to please their hosts, which makes training easier than any other way.

A brief history of Brittany breed

Brittany comes from Brittany in the northwest of France and has the same name. The earliest art containing Brittany’s portrait dates back to the 17th century. Experts believe that Brittany as we know it today was the result of mating with British settlers in 1850. It was at this time that hunters began to use Brittany dogs as hounds – and they turned out to be pretty good hounds!